Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vogue 8854 - Two Tunics

This is another pattern that came out in the last batch of Vogues and I thought it had potential. Now that I have made it twice, I can say I love this pattern. I'm sure I will be making it many more times in future.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

This pullover tunic has an asymmetric opening and a simple collar that can be worn up, folded down, or half up and half down. As designed, it features snaps that extend into the collar, but I left those off as I will wear the collar with one or both sides folded down. There is a view with a hood but, while I like the look of a hood, I don't really like wearing a hood, at least not on a top. It tends to pull and I'm constantly readjusting my garment.

The fabric for the first version, the polka dotted tunic, has been aging in my stash a year or two and is from Fashion Fabrics Club, I think. The black and grey fabric from the second version, from Emma One Sock, is a poly/rayon/lycra and is wonderfully lofty and super soft. Margy recently used the same fabric to make a tunic. This was one of those times we discovered we both bought the same fabric after the fact.

I used a scrap of black rayon lycra jersey to make the button loops for both versions. The button for the polka dot top came from grandma's button box (I had to cut the ancient threads off) and the button for the second top is from Stone Mountain & Daughter. Finally, each top uses one jumbo snap on the placket. I did not use the 3 or 4 snaps recommended by the pattern. The pocket for the polka dot version used another remnant of black rayon lycra jersey. The pocket for the black and grey version used a remnant of a black woven lining. Basically, I grabbed what was at hand.


  • I started with a size large (16-18). It has a finished bust measurement of 47", so I did an FBA to add a couple inches in width and 1.5" in length.
  • Both fabrics are 2-way stretch with minimal vertical stretch, so I sewed in the darts.
  • Tapered the hips down, which is typical.
  • Narrowed the shoulder by 1.5". Fairly typical.
  • Shortened the sleeves on the first one by 2". It was still a bit long, so I shortened the second one by 2-1/2". This is more than normal for me, so the sleeves run long.
  • During construction, I tapered the waist on the polka dot version by 1/2" (2" total). When making the second one, I accidentally tapered the waist in by 1" (4" total). At first I thought it was a huge blunder, but I rather like the effect.
  • Omitted the front patch pocket and, instead, used a side seam pocket.
  • Omitted the vertical top stitching on the placket that extends into the collar.

The pattern sews together pretty easily. The most fussy part, for me, were the side seams, as I first have to position and sew the dart, then taper the waist, then add the inseam pocket, which I quickly drew out on a piece of printer paper.

I am wearing my new Katherine Tilton skinny pant in these pics. I am loving all of my new skinny pants, which are super comfy.

I've started my next garment, which is a coat. We've had lots of rain the last few days and it's been on the chilly side. It will be nice to sew a garment where I'm not half naked most of the time. I've been enjoying the rain as I have a big pot of soup, and am well stocked with tea and cocoa. Add in a good sewing project and no reason to leave the house = a perfect weekend! I hope yours has been equally serene.

And now, the pics.

Collar half up.
Collar folded down
The fabric is washed out in this pic.