Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Spring Vogues - Hurry Hurry for Sale!

Vogue 1309 - Issey Miyake

The spring Vogues were released this afternoon. Today is the last day of the 4-day Vogue, Butterick, and McCalls sale. If you want to buy any of the new Vogues at the sale price, you have a few more hours!

Here are a few I like. I am dashing this post off quickly, due to the timing, but I think you'll find my picks to be fairly predictable. For example, I like the Issey Miyake top shown above, but I don't think it would look good on me.

Love this Koos bag, Vogue 1311. So fun!

This Very Easy Vogue 8819 vest/jacket has interesting possibilities, especially sewn with a striped fabric.

This Marcy Tilton dress is very cute. I'm not much for dresses, but this one I really like. Vogue 8813.

This Katharine Tilton top has some nice variations. I especially like that some of the views are a twist on the princess seam.

Another interesting dress, this one from Sandra Betzina. Too bad I so rarely wear dresses. For this one, I'd add sleeves. Vogue 1297.

Here are Sandra Betzina's take on the harem pant. The very wide legged pant is pleated into a front yoke. The back is less full. You can leave the hem wide or sew them into a band. I like these. Vogue 1307.

Another great Marcy Tilton bag. Vogue 8823.

I'm not buying as many patterns these days, but I'm going to go make an order. Just 5 or 6 patterns. So long as I do it before the sale ends tonight. ;)