Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fun with Eye Color

The same photo, with different cropping. I see DD2!

This is a fun exercise! I got the idea from Janis, who uploaded a close-up of her eye to, in order to break down the dominant colors in her eye. The theory being, of course, that our eye color is a flattering color for us to wear.

I asked DD2 to take an up-close photo of my eye. I cropped the same photo twice, one with more skin showing than the other. I ran both versions through and also through

I think I need to buy more green fabric! ;), maximum crop, maximum crop, less cropped, less cropped

Wanna know something weird? I am the only green-eyed person in my family, including all extended family members living when I was a child. Everyone has blue eyes, except me. My sister used to tell me it was proof that I wasn't a legitimate member of the family. ;) Even both of my kids have blue eyes!

I haven't done any sewing since returning from San Diego. It's been all work during the day, and vegging out at night with the Kindle that DD1 gave me for a belated birthday gift.

Shams needs to get back to sewing. ;)