Thursday, July 26, 2012

What the Heck, Vogue?

I posted yesterday about the new Vogues. I was in a big hurry and wanted to post while the sale was still active.

Now that the rush is over, here are some musings.

For some time now, sewists in the blogsphere and participating on forums have been wondering what is up with the poses Vogue is using to feature their new patterns. The image at the top of the post was taken from their new patterns page. It has been pointed out, quite rightly, that it is reminiscent of the wall of a high rise building. Or maybe a Top Model version of Celebrity Bingo. A model "shadowbox", as it were.

For example, let's look at the model in the third square on the top row.

Is she going to the bathroom? Is she channeling a samurai? Or is she hiding freakishly fat knees? Inquiring minds want to know.

The same dress, in a different fabric:

So... crouching is possible in this dress? Good to know!

This dress is actually the Lynn Mizono dress, Vogue 1312. My Tablecloth skirt was inspired by the RTW version of dress, which I still haven't seen in person. It will be interesting to compare the Vogue pattern to my version.

How about the second woman in the second row:

Cat burglar?

This is a Chado Ralph Rucci dress. I like this dress very much. The seaming is lost in the red fabric, but if you study the line drawings, you will see how interesting it is.

How about the styling of this Marcy Tilton bag?

Muriel, Costco is having a sale on leaves today!

Thanks, Hilary! But I'm good.

Shoot, I need a bigger bag!

I like the look of this bag very much, even if it won't hold my jumbo leaf.