Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Style Arc - The Laura Legging

Jegging goodness!
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Here's a nice quick pattern! Style Arc's Laura Legging is a one-piece pattern. There is no side seam and no waistband, though I added one. I like a waistband. :)

As usual, I ordered a size 10, based on my hip measurement. I have made two other Style Arc pants and both pretty much fit out of the envelope. (In the case of the Alexi pant, I made zero alterations. In the case of the Linda pant, I substituted my own waistband but made no other changes. I love that one so much, I've made it twice already.)

Let me point out that this pattern has serious negative ease. Let me share some measurements for the size 10. If you look at the Style Arc size chart, a size 10 (remember, this is Australian sizing, not U.S. or European sizing), is a 38.6" hip. When I measure the pattern, the finished hip is 29.5". The upper thigh (at the notches) measures 16.5" and the ankle measures 9.25". That is approximately 9" of negative ease at the hip, so you either need to use a nice stretchy fabric with lycra, size up, or both.

For my version, I used a knit that is designed to look like charcoal-colored denim. Perfect for jeggings. I think I bought it from Emma One Sock, but I know it's been in the stash for about a year. I made zero alterations, other than adding a waistband, cause that's how I swing.

The fabric, up close. The right side is on the left, the wrong side on the right.

This pattern uses 1/4" seam allowances. It sews up in no time at all. When finished, I did not think I could get it on my body because the pants were so narrow-looking. I forged ahead and they did fit, though I will only wear this with a longer top.

'Cause let's just say if I had moles on my rear, you could connect the dots. ;)

The legs are long and puddle at the ankle. I love this look, so I did not shorten them. I also did not hem them. I will definitely wear these! They are sooo comfortable. I just might also buy the pattern in a larger size, so I have options.

More Pictures

Ankle puddling