Gallery Pants

I have this frustrating tendency to forget which pants patterns I have made and like. To help my faltering memory, I have created a little index highlighting my pants TnTs.

Click on any picture to see the related blog post.

Conventional Pants

Style Arc Linda (stretch wovens) Style Arc Laura Legging (knits)
Style Arc Sailor Sue (knits) Jalie Jeans (stretch wovens)
Loes Hinse Cruise (w/ funky pocket, wovens) Loes Hinse Oxford (drapey wovens)
Style Arc Kerry Cargo
(wovens, stretch wovens)

Funky Pants

Vogue 8397-A (Marcy Tilton, knits) Sewing Workshop Trios (wovens)
Vogue 8637 (Marcy Tilton, knits) Vogue 8712 (Marcy Tilton, knits)
Burda 7400 (wovens, also ponte) Vogue 8499 (Marcy Tilton, wovens)
Au Bonheur jeans (stretch wovens) Au Bonheur jeans, plain
(stretch wovens)
Au Bonheur capris (knits) Au Bonheur w/ side tucks (knits)

Harem-Style Pants

Style Arc Alexi (drapey wovens) Style Arc Shaza (knits)
Burda 7344 (drapey knits) Au Bonheur Harem Pant (wovens)


  1. Wow...impressive! Now I think I need to do this...

  2. Boy, you have a fair amount of TNT pants patterns. I have fewer myself but those that I have I love. My go too's are the SW trio pant, with lots of adjustments, SW Urban pants and the Hot Pattern Jeans. In stash are the
    HP Cargo pant and a Kwik Sew Yoga pant similar to your Style Arc knit pants.
    Have fun with your gifted fabric!

  3. Great job! I am totally impressed! And thanks for providing such a useful reference. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create from your gift.

    I've begun a similar project but am only 1% as far along as you. I began embroidering the name of the pattern on the back inside waistband. Reminds me of which is the back of the pant as well as which pattern. ;-) And I'm finding sewing black to be exhausting.

  4. I like this idea. What tutorial with blogspot can I access to figure out how to do this with my blog? I have become "hooked" on your blog, and I check almost daily to see what you are doing. You are a true inspiration: I may start making more clothes for myself.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Claudia, but I looked at your blog, Cher Chic, and you have a similar feature set up, though yours is more attractively designed, using visual tabs. I need to figure out how to do that. :)

      But, in case someone else set that up for you, you need to click "Edit Pages" on the same page where "Edit Posts" is available. From there you can create a new page that will appear at the top of your blog. If you click "Post Options" on the page where you edit the page, you can click to Allow Comments.

    2. Claudia, on further reflection, maybe you are asking how I created the table of pictures/text.

      I write my blog in HTML. I do not use the blogger Compose mode, which I find limiting and frustrates me. Compose mode easier to use than Edit HTML, but provides less control - there are no elements provided for you that can do this.

      Let me think about writing a tutorial, though if you know of someone who can write in HTML, they can help you with this.

  5. This is wonderful shams!! I have a folded up piece of paper in a notebook with a list of pattern numbers. Definitely not a techy solution :-)

  6. Great idea! And you do rock the pants.

  7. What a wonderful reference! You make such interesting pants. I can't seem to get out of my rut of two or so patterns.

  8. Me too!!!

    Great idea--thanks!

  9. You seem experienced enough to know what you really want. However, as a wearer of MANY harem pants (at one point my children even requested that I stop doing so) I want to make an observation. The olive harems look FANTASTIC on you! They also look proportionally correct to my eye.

    What I found out the hard way is that harems that fit with too little ease in the hip area can tend to make you legs look like sausages. Yes, your hips look smaller, but sometimes that happens at the expense of the overall effect. Of course, one can wear an extremely long top/shirt/blouse like the shalwar kameez of Indo-Pakistani derivation, but most Westerners don't do this much.