Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Vest for Travel


Travel Vest

I've been inspired by Margy!

Over the years Margy has made several travel vests, using crushed taffeta and lined with stretch taffeta. Now that I've started sewing for Paris, I decided it was time to follow her lead.

The colors for my travel wardrobe are teal, cobalt, and black, so I searched for teal crinkle taffeta and teal stretch taffeta. I found both on ebay, though the crinkled taffeta came from Big Z Fabrics in Los Angeles.

The pattern I chose is another Margy inspiration. She has made three vests from Vogue 1453, a Sandra Betzina pattern. I quite liked the elasticated neckline on this pattern, but I was a bit dubious about the huge elasticated pockets. I decided to forge ahead and make them as designed.

I started with a size 18 and made the following modifications:

  • A FBA resulting in side seam darts.
  • Removal of fullness at the hip. The pockets almost didn't fit after this alteration!
  • Omitted the back pleat/zipper.
  • Omitted the back yoke seam. There was no shaping in this seam, and I didn't want an unnecessary seam in the pleated taffeta, so I omitted it.
  • The armhole is high and small. This makes sense for a sleeved garment, but seemed strange for a vest, so I cut a larger armhole.
  • The pattern is unlined, but I lined it.
  • Since the point of this is to use it for travel, I added interior pockets. (Another reason that a lining was necessary.) Margy puts lots of pockets into her travel vests, but I don't like pockets over my bust (not even in the lining), so I have two large external pockets and two large internal pockets. The internal pockets are zippered.
Omitting the back pleat and the back yoke

Years ago I bought these two zippers at JoAnn's. I decided to use them on the inside pockets. I love that they are different.

One of the zippered pockets, and the beautiful Italian buttons from Britex.

Marking a larger armhole

While I like this vest—I particularly like the color and how it's nicely finished on the inside—I am not sure it's the most flattering. I think that the gathered pockets create a strong horizontal line that makes me look a bit boxy. I will probably sew this pattern again, using different pockets. The collar is great!

Maybe you noticed that I've started collecting some teal accessories. I really like these "Crave" boots, by Taos Footwear, but I didn't like that the teal color comes with brown laces. I am much happier now that I've swapped them out for black laces!

I like the black laces better!

Vogue 1453

Online Shopping - Simply Bella

I've never taken a "no more buying RTW" vow because, well, I sometimes like to buy RTW! Most every day I'm either all, or mostly, clad in my self made clothing, but I also love to buy garments and accessories that I could not, or would not, make myself. I often buy from artists and I feel good about supporting their work.

In my neighborhood in San Francisco is a little shop that's been open for several years, Simply Bella. I have been shopping here since it's opened. As it's only a few blocks from my home, I often pop in to check out the inventory and to chat with the owner. Bella knows that I sew and sometimes I'm studying her garments for inspiration, and sometimes I'm opening my wallet. Particularly when it comes to sweaters and shoes. :)

Bella has just launched a new website and I think it's a very good one. In the photo above, I'm wearing a sweater that I bought from her yesterday. Unfortunately, the sweater is not on her website— it's selling so well that she probably won't be able to list it before it's sold out.

Her small brick-and-mortar store also sells shoes but, unfortunately, those aren't on the site.

Just in case you have to wonder, I am not being paid for this. I like Bella and I like her shop. If nothing else, it's a great site for inspiration!

Simply Bella

Issey Miyake Exhibit and Book

I heard about the Issey Miyake exhibit in Tokyo over the holidays.

Oooooooooooh, how I wish I could go!

If you are going to be in Tokyo between March 16th and June 13th, get yourself over to the National Art Center for a real treat!

My vacation days are already "spent" for this year, not to mention my vacation budget, but I ran to Amazon and pre-ordered the exhibit catalog, then I promptly forgot about it.

It arrived this week and what a monster catalog it is! This hefty tome, written in both English and Japanese, contains hundreds of pictures. They aren't high quality, glossy images, however. They are matte and a bit low resolution. I'm still happy with the book, because it is a wonderful resource, but be aware of the image quality. This page shows a number of images from the book.

And if you are lucky enough to go to the exhibit, I'd love to hear about it! I'd love it even more if you posted some photos somewhere!

Dither Dither

A dither storm

Dither dither dither. I can't be the only sewer who can be immobilized by decision paralysis. I try to figure out my next project before I finish my current project. That way, I can get some, or all, of the dithering out of the way and can dive right into creating.

I'm happy to say that I have started a new project. It's a very easy one, though. It won't take me long at all. I have a sewing retreat coming up in a couple of weeks, so I need to get serious and make some decisions!

On another topic...

Do you like games? Do you like a challenge?!

When I was in Whistler, I learned about a web-based game that many folks who work at Whistler were playing. It's called GeoGuessr. Using the Street View mode of Google Maps, it drops you into some part of the world. You move around and study your surroundings. Then, based on the vegetation, signs, vehicles, you guess what part of the world it is by placing a location pin on the map. Sort of like pinning a tale on a donkey. It's a pretty addictive game!

You're welcome! Or I'm sorry... ;)

I'm also sharing this on Patti's Visible Monday.

I hope you have a great week!