Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Insert Graphic of Crazy Person Running in Circles

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! (See Shams running in circles in a manic frenzy...)

I am definitely feeling happy/manic/excited.

I really love this time of year, but let me get a bit more specific about what is rattling around in this headpan.

  • I am eager to sew! I have to keep reminding myself that I am a tech writer and I need to write. Technically. ;)
  • I am planning to sew ALL FOUR days of Thanksgiving break. WOOT!!!
  • My eldest daughter returns from university this evening and she and I are hanging tomorrow (Wednesday) evening. So.excited. She accused me of not being that excited but she was trying to text me while I was sewing on binding and was hyper focused.
  • Youngest daughter has been in Jaipur, India for about a month now. She is teaching and learning and loving the experience. She will not be coming home for Thanksgiving or Christmas or her birthday or spring break. But she's doing what she wants to do and I am happy for her. (She will be spending Christmas in Thailand and she seems to be missing South Africa far more than San Francisco.)
  • I bought the Silhouette pattern for the jacket that won first place in Marci's contest. Since then I have watched a few of the Silhouette webcasts. Peggy seems like a nice, down to earth, self deprecating, sort of person. Her webcasts are an especially nice distraction when hand sewing. ;)
  • I am finishing up a Burda coat. This is a downloadable pattern that was brought to my attention by Elizabeth. She said she was obsessing over this coat and, as soon as my eyeballs landed on it, so was I. I was planning to blog about mine after she blogs about hers, but she seems to think that this week is to be spent with family and friends, or some such thing. So we'll see if I can wait that long. ;)
  • My e-friend Patti F sent me a box of Burda pattern magazines, mostly from 2006. I had a lot of fun going through them and identifying some things I want to make. Thanks, Patti! (I am excited that I get to meet her in the flesh in 2014.)
  • I am teaching/leading a (private) 3-day workshop this coming January. This is a first for me and a Big Deal. I have things I want to work on/prepare. I hope I have enough time to get it all done!

But mostly, I want to sew. ;)

And thanks for your kind feedback on my Mindi skirt!