Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend Sewing... and Miscellaneous

Wow, I haven't sat at my sewing machine since Monday (and that was to briefly zip up a hem). This may be a first for me in the last year. I haven't been knitting either, though I've been planning some projects, thanks to the great Ravelry site. I'm shamzi on Ravelry, but I don't have much of interest to show you over there. ( There is a Miyake group there, but it's pretty quiet.

I have to really thank everyone for their generous and kind feedback on my Koos coat and my Sandra Betzina dress. The coat, in particular, has garnered me more positive feedback than anything I've made in the last 14 months, so I guess it's a success. It has received 43 comments on Pattern Review which is a record for me. :)

During construction of the coat, I had become a "fan" of Koos's Facebook page. Imagine my delight when logging into Facebook on Thursday and seeing that Koos (or his representative, more likely) had featured my blog on his page! I had not mentioned it on his page or anywhere on my FB page, so I suspect they watch Pattern Review for reviews of his patterns.

I really recommend checking out his page. There are photo albums that show many pieces of his current work - things that he sells in his New York boutique and there are some really great garments. (You may not know this, but Koos was responsible for those great, wild sweaters that Cosby wore on The Cosby Show.) In his current work you will see several pieces that feature the scallop - it's interesting to observe how a motif can evolve throughout a designer's process. It fascinates me, a designer wannabe. Check it out.

A stack of patterns sits next to me and I plan to make the most of this wet weekend. Maybe I'll have something new to show on Sunday or Monday. :) Coats and jackets are still on my mind and yesterday I ran to Britex at lunch (wearing my new Koos) to pick up some separating zippers for a couple of imminent projects. I yearn for a better zipper selection, but this is one of those things I prefer to see in person before I purchase. There are just too many interesting things to make, including new Au Bonheur pattern goodness.

And then, of course, are the imminent holidays. So many garments are "needed" for the various events coming up. I have a very fun piece of Thakoon fabric I bought from Emma One Sock months ago and I have been searching and searching for just the right pattern/design. I haven't found it yet. And I also have to find the right thing to make/bring for my sew group's gift exchange. I think I've decided, but I've thought that many times before.

Have a great weekend and a frabjous Halloween! ;)