Saturday, April 30, 2011

That was fun!... Another blogger meetup.

It is so much fun to meet other sewists!

Beth, of SunnyGal Studio, decided that she was lacking in blogger meet-ups, so she arranged one today at the Balenciaga exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco.

Sewing-related culture and sewing talk?

Count me in!

I was the first to arrive at the museum, and happened to run into another meet-up group - this was a small group of spinners from Ravelry. I chatted with them while waiting for my group to show.

It was great to see some BABES that I know from previous gatherings, plus several new folks, some of whom are blogless. :) After absorbing the amazing Balenciaga garments, we had lunch and chatted extensively, the way sewers can: Burda, Patrones, KnipMode, fabric acquisition, we covered it all.

Left to right:
Jean, Beth, me, Jennifer, Sydney, Rose, Jillian, Natasha

Thanks to Beth for arranging this outing! (And thanks to the obliging Australian tourist who snapped our photo. :) )

Here is some eye candy from the exhibit.

And the museum...

The De Young

And who doesn't love a safety pin scultpure?