Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend Report

You are looking at pretty much the only sewing I got done today.

A welt pocket.

I silk screened the fabric in the wee hours - during a period of insomnia. I was inspired by Dixie's gorgeous welt pocket that she posted on Friday. Have you seen it?

You can read the construction details on her blog, With Needle and Brush. She has some mad creative skills, that one.

Diane Ericson has launched a new website. It's very slick. She is using the same URL as before, so any bookmarks to the high level page should still work. On her updated site, you can buy her custom designed fabrics, as well as her patterns and original artworks. Check it out! Even as I write this Diane and Marcy are at Design Outside the Lines in Santa Barbara, inspiring much creativity, I am sure.

DD2 dropped by yesterday. We spent hours discussing her senior project. (I learned a lot about Noam Chomsky in the process. I had studied his theories in college and was surprised to hear he is still alive and producing.)

The first thing she exclaimed on seeing my new hairdo is that I looked like Louise Brooks. (DD2 is a big fan of old films.) We googled Louise Brooks and there is a resemblance! (In the hair, anyway. I can't claim to have her smouldering sexiness.)

Have a great Monday!