Friday, March 9, 2012

Style Arc Kerry Cargo Pants

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Not a lot of sewing here. I started a food detox last Sunday and had several days where I felt pretty sick. But I've come through to the other side and am feeling much better. I actually finished these pants last Sunday and am just now feeling up to blogging them.

I've had this Style Arc pattern for many months but couldn't decide on a fabric. Recently, a friend was de-stashing and I snagged a piece of tan-colored stretch woven. A fairly beefy woven cotton, with two way stretch, the 2 yards of 54" fabric was insufficient, according to the envelope. But I laid out the pattern and decided I could just barely make it work. (I omitted a few of the smaller pattern pieces, which helped.) After cutting these out, all that remained were a few, very small, scraps.

Alterations and Modifications:

I made my usual size 10 with a few modifications:

  • Replaced the drawstring waist with elastic.
  • I plan to wear the pant leg rolled up, so I did not shorten the pants, though they are quite a bit too long for me. I prefer the rolled up length to be "longer", so the extra length helps to create a more substantial cuff than if I were to roll up the hem once or twice.
  • Omitted the side seam pockets. My experience of side seam pockets is that they gape and are not flattering.
  • Omitted the back pockets. These pants, as designed are pocket-ful with six pockets!
  • I seem to be constitutionally unable to include certain types of embellishments - namely, anything military or safari. In this case, I cut out the pocket flaps for the leg pockets but could not bring myself to use them. I just preferred the pockets without. Maybe because I lived through the 80s and had enough safari and military details. :)
  • I lined the leg pockets with scraps of a cream linen/silk blend.
  • After the pants were sewn together, I removed 1/2" from the side seam at the waist (2" total). I would have probably needed this ease in a non-stretch woven.

Conclusion: This is definitely a more relaxed fit than other Style Arc pants I've made. Time will tell how much I wear them, but they are certainly very comfy.

StyleArc has spoiled me, I think. I recently have been wearing some of my older pants and they now feel over-sized to me. I have not lost weight, but I am starting to prefer a closer fit with my clothing. "Closer fitted funky." I like that. ;)

More Pictures

Pocket shot
Am I the only person who keeps a wooden spoon with my pressing tools? I've used the spoon to press open the seam in the tab.
I love the Frixion pens for marking. The pattern did not include a shaped tab, so I drew on one. After stitching, the marks are easily removed with a shot of steam.
Evidence that I haven't cooked in three months.
Cooking again!