Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fact or Fiction? Softening Denim with Coke

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Several years ago I heard a tip that you can use Coke to soften denim. In fact, there was a discussion about this on Stitcher's Guild. The results were mixed - it seemed to work well for some lengths of denim, minimally for some, and not at all for others.

I have a 4-yard length of cotton denim that had been machine washed and dried numerous times. It was still a bit "crispy", so I decided to give this technique a try, using my "old fashioned" top-loading washing machine.

I acquired 3 12-oz cans of regular Coke. I set the machine for the smallest load, and selected the warm temperature. I did not use any detergent. Once the machine filled, I added the Coke. I tossed in the denim and let the machine agitate for 5 minutes. (I set a timer.) I then opened the lid of the machine, interrupting the cycle, and went to work, letting the fabric marinate.

When I returned home about 10 hours later, I closed the lid on the machine, letting the process complete. After the load finished, I put the fabric into the dryer.

(I first smelled the fabric and did not detect any soda smell. I then licked the fabric and it did not taste at all like soda, so I did not wash it again.)

The fabric was not softened in any way.

This was a bit disappointing, but I would try it again (with a different fabric) since I hear it does work in some situations.

Have you tried this technique?

Did it work?