Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sewing Room Update - Babysteps

Wow, my last post struck a nerve. Too many people thought I was wrong to throw out DD1's stinky, filty, worn-out toe shoes. I did think about keeping them - for all of several seconds. Then I thought, heck, I have the pictures. Let them go. :)

Besides, who needs the toe shoes when I have pictures like this?

Several folks have asked me to please show the sewing room as it is now.

OK. Though I warn you. I am not a decorator. I am not that well organized. I have already lost interest in spending a lot of time on the room. I'd rather sew. It may be a long time before I make any major modifications.

I hope I haven't disappointed you.

The ironing board had to go in front of the windows. For two reasons. One, the view. Two, when it rains, it can leak, and I don't want any power cords or machines in the area until I get it fixed. And that's why you see the towel - because we did have rain this week.

DD1 left her desk behind. I removed the hutch (it was not attached) and am using it to store my serger, felting machine, and my Janome Gem. When I want to work in here, I also use the desk. All I need is my laptop and my iPhone and I can work anywhere. :)

My sewing corner. My friend Heather gave me her Bernina table when she upgraded to a more modern machine. I finally set it up and love it. It is so great to be able to use the knee lift again! I gave up using it during the years that I was sewing on the kitchen table.

A word on having TV in the sewing room. There were some comments about the idea of having a TV in the sewing room. I do understand that it is not for everyone. For example, my ex-husband hates TV. Early in our marriage, I realized why. If he walked into a room that had a TV on, he was unable to resist it. It commanded his attention. His face, turned to the TV, would go slack, and it was hard to pull his attention away, even if all he was watching was an ad. I am not like this. I love to have TV on for company and I multi-task. In fact, I have a hard time actually watching a show to the end. Some folks prefer music. Or quiet. It's a personality thing. :)

DD1 left her armoire behind. It is now full of fabric, patterns, and notions. She also left the stack of yellow boxes behind. I have filled them. One holds lingerie elastic. One holds purse parts. One holds snaps and hooks/eyes. The last one holds fusible tape. The photo is one of the only pictures I have of my mother. She was an amazing sewist. This is her class picture, taken at the age of 13. It feels right to have her watching over the sewing room.

When my kids were 6 and 8, I let each of them choose a kitten at the pound. Later, I found these painted rocks on ebay. Each one strongly resembles their respective cats. Both girls left the cat rocks behind, but I am happy to have the whimsical kittuses. :)

DD1 left her tree of toe shoe keyrings behind. This is one thing I am keeping in the room. Oh, the clock is hers too, but I hope she doesn't remember to come collect it, because it amuses me. :)

Several of you told me that you were not happy with the track lighting in your sewing rooms. So, for now, I'm going to leave this fixture here. I have several area lights and Ott lights, so I don't have a current need for new overhead lighting.

I really thought I would have my coat finished today. All that remains is to hem the sleeves and the snap closures. I still have some evening left, so maybe I can get it done. :)