Monday, November 3, 2014

Funkalicious Skirt - Vogue 9060

Happy November, everyone!

We are really into autumn now, for the most part. I love the crisp weather, and we even had some much needed rain on Halloween, but I could use a tad less blinding sunshine. It makes taking photos more difficult, and it keeps my office, with its south-eastern exposure, much too warm.

The Sun! It burns!
(But look at that cool textured ponte!)

I worked only half a day on Halloween and I felt that some quick sewing was in order with my remaining free time. I decided to whip up Marcy Tilton's new skirt, Vogue 9060, using a textured black ponte with a lovely drape.

I finished the skirt by bedtime. This is a very quick sew!

This skirt features a contrasting yoke in two widths—both are sewn in a double layer. I chose the narrow width, and I used a remnant of black rayon lycra jersey for the yoke. It is a very stretchy fabric. I made the skirt in a size medium and made zero changes to it. A medium (size 10-12) is designed for a 25" to 26-1/2" waist. My waist is considerably larger at 38", but I decided to make use of the negative ease, so I cut the medium.

Oops, I forgot to take off my badge!

This becomes important later.

The skirt does not call for any elastic and, because my waist is so much larger than what the pattern specifies, I made it without elastic.

I tried it on and it felt great. Snug but not uncomfortably so.

I wore it to work today so that mem could take some photos. (There was far too much harsh sunshine at my house this weekend.)

ALL day this skirt has been sliding down. More than once, I have almost flashed my colleagues at work.

I plan to add elastic before I wear this skirt again. I noticed that Marcy also added elastic when she made this up.

But this is a slight quibble with an otherwise excellent pattern, because I love this skirt!


P.S. Note that I am 5'5". This skirt does not contain lines showing where you can shorten/lengthen. I'm sure it can be done in a non-linear way, but I didn't try to puzzle it out. You can make the version with the wider waistband for more length, unless you want to wear the waistband folded over. But adding length to the top of the skirt might be the easiest thing to do.

For the last several weeks I've been working on a (non-sewing-related) project in my home. This is contributing to my reduced sewing output, but I am making slow progress on my cape. It didn't help that I added features to the cape that take longer, but I hope to have it done in another week or two!

Thanks, mem!