Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Pants Index

Today I received a gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous, piece of fabric from a blogger friend. I won't reveal it yet, or the person who generously gifted me with it, but I immediately thought I'd like to use it for a pair of pants.

Unfortunately, my memory is no longer the steel trap it once was, and I had trouble remembering which patterns I have used and liked that work well with wovens. This particular woven feels something like a crisp linen, though I have not washed it yet - it needs some special pre-treatment.

So, I spent this evening doing something I've wanted to do for some time: I created a visual index of my pants TnT patterns. Wow, I think this is going to help. In case it's of general interest, I have put a link to Pants Galore! A Visual Index at the top of my blog.

What strikes me now that I've made this index is that I have not made the variety of patterns that I thought I had. I have much more to sew! :) What also strikes me is that some of my most favorite patterns are Marcy Tilton's... and Style Arc... and one particular Au Bonheur.

Thanks, again, for those of you who have voted for me in the Jeans Contest! You guys rock!