Saturday, August 2, 2014

Misc and Minnesota Corner

Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park

Happy Saturday!

I am spending this weekend working on a Britex project. I started with a Vogue pattern and am using that as a springboard for what will become a bias top. It's fun to change patterns up and I much prefer starting with a pattern than drafting the whole thing from scratch.

Right after I learned how to draft patterns, I started drafting all of my own projects, but I quickly realized that it impacted my production. I had so many ideas and it was really slowing me down. I am much happier starting with a professional pattern and using that as a jumping off point. I know a woman who drafts patterns for a high-end coat company and that's how they work, too. (Though they begin with one of their own professionally developed patterns that has similar lines.) It's so satisfying to find a pattern that has the right "bones" (basic silhouette and major seamlines) and then go from there.

Since this top will be on the bias (and there is always some risk when working on the bias with a drapey fabric), I hope I don't mess it up. :) I am further complicating the issue by not using the true bias, so we'll see how that goes. (True bias is on a 45º angle, and I am using a 30º angle.)

Minnesota Corner

I am really looking forward to my upcoming trip to Minnesota! I truly wish I could stay longer to see more of Minnesota's lovely attractions, but I will make the most of the short time I am there. Unfortunately, I will not be able to fit in SR Harris this time, but if any of you do get there, let me know about their selection of stretch denim, particularly patterned denim. Or what about Tencel Denim? Or what about floral denim? Or textured denim? I just love interesting varieties of denim!

For those of you coming to our meet up at Treadle Yard Goods in St Paul, please do bring an item or two for show and tell. I don't want to plan a highly structured meet up, but if we need more things to talk about, I can perhaps show a technique or two. If anyone is interested, I can show how I drafted the tapered "lantern" cuff on my denim duster, for example. I'm not sure I'll get around to writing a tutorial; it's a neat technique that I really haven't seen written down anywhere and it uses minimal math. Just let me know what you'd like to see and I'll see if there's a consensus. Or maybe we just talk fabric, patterns, and projects. Mary, of Treadle Yard Goods, is generously providing some light refreshments and giving us access to her classroom. Thanks, Mary!

If you would like to go but aren't signed up, email me and I will forward your info to Alice, who is maintaining the list.

I will be visiting Ginny's in Rochester, after hearing so many enthusiastic recommendations, so I am getting in two great fabric stores on this visit!

Fall Fashion!

By the way, this weekend (yesterday and today, at least) is the Fall Fashion Event on QVC. I really enjoy seeing/hearing the fall fashion chatter as I sew. And it's been so.cold. here in San Francisco that it feels like fall already. I took the following pic this week while walking to the bus stop, wearing a wool coat - it was in the low 50s and it's a damp cold - over my floral Hawaiian print maxi dress - it was warmer in Mountain View.

I looked ridiculous, but oh well. :)