Friday, March 22, 2013

CB Spiral Top in Knit

No sooner did I finish my test of the CB Spiral Top when I knew I wanted to make it in a striped knit. This top is so easy to convert to a pullover top using a knit. Just leave off the front facing, which is cut on, and add a seam allowance.


The fabric is this great lightweight sweatshirting I purchased from Marcy quite a while back. An oatmeal and dark grey stripe, and there are flecks of black in the oatmeal stripes. For the neckline, I used a binding. The knit is a 2-way stretch, so I had to use the stripe in the long direction (I would have preferred the short direction, but it just wasn't stretchy enough). I cut the binding so as to favor a grey stripe at the neck.

And that's pretty much it! I just love this pattern and already have plans for another, though I'm not sure how soon I will sew that up.

If you're getting this close to check out the stripe matching, you just might get hurt!

I'm not sure that I will get much sewing done this weekend. I expect to see DD2 on Saturday. DD1 is flying in today from university on spring break and we are going to hang out on Sunday. She wants to go to the gym with me and then go shopping. I need to do some snoop shopping as I am thinking I might make a dress to wear to DD2's upcoming graduation and I don't know what suits me.

I hope you have a good weekend!