Sunday, May 11, 2014

Middle Aged Me

Oy vey.

I've been spending much of this weekend with DD2 but have also squeezing in as much sewing as possible. Yesterday I sewed until 3am, for example, after spending the afternoon with DD2, shopping for prescription glasses at a trunk show and enjoying a Vietnamese sandwich and a boba tea. (DD2 tried an avocado flavored one and said it was like drinking Guacamole - she usually prefers a more conventional flavor, like coffee or chocolate, but she likes to experiment. She drank most all of it, so it couldn't have been too bad.)

DD1 is busy this weekend so she can't lavish attention on me this Mother's Day. She is still off in Oregon at university and is squeezing studying in between a weekend of big dance performances. I would have liked to have seen her show, but I couldn't make it work. (I tried.) They used DD1 on the poster advertising the event.


So, today, I wanted to squeeze more sewing in before meeting up with DD2 again. (I'm on a roll, though this project is certainly full of challenges and compromises.)

I hadn't been sewing long this morning when I took a break.

I checked my email.

I checked Facebook and "liked" some things.

I got a drink.

I went to the bathroom.

I watched a bit of a program on Egyptian pyramids.

I plucked a few hairs.

I checked up on the cat.

After a half hour or so, I went back to the sewing machine and sat down.

Then I remembered.

I didn't take a break. I had lost my hand sewing needle and went off in search of another.


I am pretty sure (as much as my memory can be trusted) that this forgetfulness started during pregnancy with DD1 and has only gotten worse.

I blame motherhood.

Happy Nurturing Day, to each of you!

(I believe there are many ways to "mother".)