Sunday, May 11, 2014

Middle Aged Me

Oy vey.

I've been spending much of this weekend with DD2 but have also squeezing in as much sewing as possible. Yesterday I sewed until 3am, for example, after spending the afternoon with DD2, shopping for prescription glasses at a trunk show and enjoying a Vietnamese sandwich and a boba tea. (DD2 tried an avocado flavored one and said it was like drinking Guacamole - she usually prefers a more conventional flavor, like coffee or chocolate, but she likes to experiment. She drank most all of it, so it couldn't have been too bad.)

DD1 is busy this weekend so she can't lavish attention on me this Mother's Day. She is still off in Oregon at university and is squeezing studying in between a weekend of big dance performances. I would have liked to have seen her show, but I couldn't make it work. (I tried.) They used DD1 on the poster advertising the event.


So, today, I wanted to squeeze more sewing in before meeting up with DD2 again. (I'm on a roll, though this project is certainly full of challenges and compromises.)

I hadn't been sewing long this morning when I took a break.

I checked my email.

I checked Facebook and "liked" some things.

I got a drink.

I went to the bathroom.

I watched a bit of a program on Egyptian pyramids.

I plucked a few hairs.

I checked up on the cat.

After a half hour or so, I went back to the sewing machine and sat down.

Then I remembered.

I didn't take a break. I had lost my hand sewing needle and went off in search of another.


I am pretty sure (as much as my memory can be trusted) that this forgetfulness started during pregnancy with DD1 and has only gotten worse.

I blame motherhood.

Happy Nurturing Day, to each of you!

(I believe there are many ways to "mother".)


  1. Sharon, let me hug you across the miles. I know your mother was you best friend and it's a loss that can never be completely healed. All the best to you my friend.
    And may you find that #$%$ needle!!

    1. Thanks so much, Robin! And a very Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  2. Um. I wish I had motherhood to use as an excuse. I blame my wild & crazy youth.

    Happy Mother's Day, dear friend!

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you! Enjoy the rest of the weekend with your daughter!

  4. Sharon, your warmth, kindness and creative approach to life glow through your blog entries. You exemplify many ways of nurturing, even to people you don't know, and I appreciate it.

  5. Gorgeous poster! I seemed to have lost my mind after my first one was born, but I just read an article in smithsonian about motherhood making you smarter. At least I think it was smithsonian, I may be confused about the source. :)

  6. I've always thought that motherhood eats your brain. But really, I think we just have so much more to squeeze into our memories. Have a very happy Mother's Day!

  7. Beautiful dance poster!!! WOW!!! Happy Mother's Day and thanks for sharing your DD 1 and 2 stories. A Mother's Brain stores so much in good memories of the joy of raising children, no wonder the lost needle is hard to find sometimes!
    Look forward to hearing more about the latest sewing challenge!

  8. I am not anybody's official mother. One of my stepsons used to call me "half mother." Nonetheless I find myself wandering around the house sometimes, on a "break" from some other project. It is so easy to get distracted. And it's possible that my hand sewing needle is with yours someplace in the world of misplaced items. Happy Whole Mothers Day!

  9. Happy Mother's Day! And as one, of many, who has been nurtured by you, Happy Nurturing Day, too!

  10. I have taken to writing post it notes and sticking them on my hand, so I don't forget what I got up for. It started with DS #2, had a slight reprieve in my 40s and now it is back. I can get easily distracted, especially because there are so many neat projects and ideas to distract me. Happy Mother's Day.

  11. That was such an incredibly funny post!!!! My OB said my first pregnancy was good for loosing half my memory and that the next 2 would make sure I never found it again...
    Now my youngest takes full advantage of it while the other two and I have come to appreciate the humor of it all.

  12.'s the little things :) Plus, you never know what interesting stuff you're going to stumble upon when you veer off course.

    Glad you had a nice Mother's Day weekend. Happy Sewing!

  13. DD1 is very pretty...she makes that poster beautiful. You are a wonderful mom!

  14. I was looking for the "like" button, and couldn't find it. Then, I remembered this isn't Facebook. I'm being totally serious. Also, I've been calling it "bubble" tea... shows how much I know, huh? Lovely post.

  15. Just clicked the link for boba tea... I get it!

  16. Right there with you, plus 10!

  17. Honestly, I've been grinning about this post all day. I spent most of the day finishing a top I started last night. Wanting to writing a blog post about it, I brought it upstairs, took my long overdue shower, then dressed and grabbed the camera. Realized I needed the tripod and finally remembered it was downstairs. Went down, got it, came back upstairs, and realized I needed lipstick. Rooted around in the bathroom cupboard until I found and applied lipstick. Then walked out in the hall to set up the tripod and camera and couldn't find the camera. After five minutes of retracing steps and looking in every room, I found it right where I left it - in the bathroom cupboard!

  18. Oh how I related to this post! Your daughter is pretty fabulous on that poster too.

  19. Oh, I just realized from this post that I live just half hour from where DD1 is going to school! Let me know next time there is a dance concert you can't make it to...I would be happy to go and stand in for you. Your daughter looks absolutely lovely in the poster.