Sunday, April 28, 2013

Summer Vogues 2013

While I was sitting in a Marine's Club Hotel in downtown San Francisco on Friday morning (along with 84 other sewists) listening to Sandra Betzina speak, the summer Vogue patterns were released to the BMV website. I was sneaking peeks at them on my cell phone. They are also on sale on the Vogue website, through today, Sunday.

But don't rush over to the website, as the patterns I am listing here are all sold out! I have never seen current patterns sell out before. The website was like molasses, even on Friday, but I was lucky to get all three. Either Vogue is printing fewer than normal, or have underestimated our hunger for new good patterns.

Here are the (very few) patterns that got me excited. But first, let me ask, why do the models (in all three designs) look like they should be holding a plaque with their prisoner number on it? Since I am glad to see the designs, I won't complain (too much) about the mugshot-like quality of the photos.

First up, Marcy Tilton's new dress, that she has referred to as "The Shingle Dress" on her blog. One of my sewing friends, Karla Kizer, has already quipped that she'd better be careful when sewing it so she doesn't end up with "Sh*t on a Shingle." This dress is very current and is similar to dresses that have sold well at stores like Anthropologie.

Vogue 8904

I just love both of Sandra Betzina's new patterns. The first one features some interesting pants. Sandra called these "her version of the harem pant". They have a high "normal" crotch (yay!), and some nice draping towards the hem. I am especially hungering for interesting new pants patterns and can't wait to get these. The top, however, is less than ideal for my busty/hipless shape, but could be fabulous on a less busty pear.

Vogue 1355

Finally, I just love Sandra Betzina's new duster. I don't wear a lot of dusters, but I may work on changing that. I especially like the button/snap placket on this one.

Vogue 1356

I was hoping to get some sewing done today, but DD2 just called and asked to get together, so we'll see. It has warmed up again today, after the last few chilly days in SF. I hope it's nice where you are!