Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Musings & Puyallup (Sew Expo)

My Sunday musing are intended to a) let you know I'm still around and kicking and b) share info/resources that have my interest. (I definitely am not getting as much sewing done as I sometimes do!)

I'm still alive and kicking. In fact, I have a top almost completely sewn and, as soon as I get off the internet, I plan to finish it.

Meanwhile, the book pictured here represents one of my many work projects that is finally out the door. (If you click the image it will take you to the book listing on Amazon.) I am so glad to have it done! No worries, though, I still have loads of other projects at work to keep me very busy. (This is one way you can see my real name, though I still won't be posting my actual name on the blog. I like to keep the worlds separate, Google-wise.)

Have you ever attended Sew Expo in Puyallup, Washington? I have not yet been, but it's on my bucket list. I am always hyper aware of the event. Partly because many of my friends attend. Partly because several indie pattern companies release new patterns to coincide. Partly because there is a fashion show I am interested in (this year Marcy and Katherine Tilton are doing it with Vogue Patterns). Partly because lots of people who go pull out all the stops to make really beautiful, creative pieces and I love to drink it all up and feast on the creativity.

So, I have become rather attached to reading real live postings about the activities at Puyallup, which ends today. Here are my favorite resources this year. If I have missed any good ones, please post them in the comments section:

Did I miss any other resources with pics from Sew Expo?

I registered!

Last, but not least, I registered for PR Weekend in San Francisco. I really look forward to meeting new folks and seeing friends at the event, where Sandra Betzina is the special guest. I believe registration is still open, if you are interested.

And now, I need to get off the computer and finish my top!