Saturday, January 9, 2010

Report -- Sewing Workshop Open House

I wore my new Au Bonheur skirt with my black Salsa top. Over it I wore my Plaza jacket, which I took off for the photos. DD1 took these photos at the end of the day, so I am a bit rumpled. In this top photo it was a bit windy, which blew the skirt awry, but DD1 liked this photo the best. :)

Ahhhhhhh.... Today was a fun day. A very fun day. I attended the open house at The Sewing Workshop. The last one I attended was approximately 17 years ago, back when it was owned by Linda Lee. Quite a few teachers spoke and I was particularly interested in Bill Jones's class. He teaches how to embellish synthetic fabrics (like poly chiffon) by cutting it with a soldering iron. That looked like a very fun activity. I just might have to dig out my soldering iron, purchased back when I used to cut Mylar stencils for quilting. :)

I also won a door prize! A generous length of fabric from Satin Moon and a Sewing Workshop purse pattern that I did not own. I don't generally wear pink, so I need to figure out what to do with this very pretty fabric:

I also bought three gorgeous fabrics from a woman who was selling vintage pieces. I kept to the cheaper pieces that I can cut into without guilt.

No sewing today, but it was totally worth it. :)