Sunday, December 5, 2010

Felted Necklace - Greedy Gift Grab

Well, it's that time of year again. It was time to make (or buy) a gift for my sewing group's holiday party. The party was last night (and so much fun!!), so I can now post pics of what I brought.

I wanted to do something very different from last year, so I tossed around many ideas. I ended up making a necklace with elastic and felt balls. I have seen this sort of thing sold in boutiques – made by a couple different designers. It's nice that you can wear this piece different ways or even layer them if you have more than one.

So, what goody did I bring home? I received a beautiful silk scarf. (And when I say "I received", that is a euphemism for "I stole" this sought-over gift. :) ) I had never seen such an interesting design before. It's very much like those "water snake" tube toys that were popular a few years ago.

Except this is made with gorgeous silks. :)

Turns out this is available as a Vogue pattern. Somehow I'd never noticed this one before. It's Vogue 8551.

Vogue 8551

And I realized that I never posted my beautiful gift from last year! I received a box of beautiful handmade cards. I've used quite a few of them over this last year, so I realized I should take a couple photos before they are all gone.

I really appreciate my fun and creative sewing friends. They make such gorgeous things, but none of them blog about it.