Saturday, October 6, 2012

Report - Artistry in Fashion 2012

While I was off at Design Outside the Lines a week ago, I had to miss one of my favorite annual events, Artistry in Fashion. I love Artistry in Fashion, so this was a sacrifice. But thanks to minions volunteers with cameras, I can share a bit of the event with you. (You can see more pictures on the Canada College Fashion Department Facebook page.)

Registration Booth

One of the primary events of AIF is, of course, the shopping.

Vendor booth - Susan Krimmer Designs

Vendor booth - B Sharp Accessories

Vendor booth


Vendor pieces

Vendor pieces

There are a couple stylist shows throughout the day. For these shows, two stylists choose items from various vendors and style them into outfits which are displayed on live models. It's very interesting to see how the stylists combine pieces to create an outfit.

From the stylist show

There is an opportunity to visit the classrooms and to see student work.

Student work

And, of course, one of the highlights of the day is the guest speaker who talks and presents a trunk show. This year the guest speaker was Marsha McClintock of Saf-T-Pockets.

From the Saf-T-Pocket Trunk Show

Another Saf-T-Pocket garment

The following list includes blog posts from people who were able to attend this year. In their posts, they share their purchases, which is always fun to see. Jane (from Lucky Sew and Sew) managed to arrange a trip from the east coast to coincide with AIF!

Next year I plan to attend AIF in person! (It is scheduled for September 28th, 2013.)

P.S. Not shown, but one of the vendors this year was Kayla Kennington. Today Kayla was the guest speaker at PenWag. I attended and enjoyed seeing some of her award winning projects and learning a bit about her process.

Which means not much sewing has been happening at Chez Shams. Maybe tomorrow!