Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Flannel Lined Cassie Pants

On Christmas morning I took a walk. My initial plan was to make the 3-mile trek to Stern Grove, one of my favorite destinations, but it was a really cold day. I hadn't expected it to be that cold and I wasn't dressed properly. I felt the cold right through my pants, and everywhere else except my head since I was wearing my new hat, a gift from DD1.

I cut my walk short and decided, on the way home, that I needed a pair of flannel lined pants. I decided to use the Style Arc Cassie skinny pant, which I had made before.

I really love this pattern. However, I realized that it's a size too big - I can grab several inches at the hips on my first pair. But that made it perfect for this project for two reasons. First, lining with flannel means adding more bulk. Second, the 100% cotton flannel doesn't stretch and the pattern is designed for a stretch woven, so you need more ease.

The stretch denim is left over from my Katherine Tilton skinny pant. This fabric is so nice - it's soft and malleable like buttah. I can't remember where I got it, as it's been in the stash for awhile. The flannel is from FabricMart, purchased about a year ago and machine washed and dried three times to remove all shrinkage. I topstitched the denim with white Guterman topstitching thread.

I left these pants intentionally long, so I could fold them up at the ankle and enjoy the contrast plaid flannel. I only worried about matching the plaid at the hem - I don't care if the plaid matches anywhere else as it's hidden from view.

These pants are so soft and snuggly! It's like wearing a hug. These are just what I wanted. I'm sure these will get lots of wear in the cold months ahead.

Right after I took the backyard pics, I put on a coat, hat and boots and headed to Stern Grove for a New Years Day walk.

And now, here are a few pics taken at Stern Grove!

The entrance to Stern Grove is perfect for shadow pics!
You can rent the Little Yellow House for weddings and parties.
Throughout the summer they have free concerts at Stern Grove. Most people (like me) sit up in the trees, where the views are not so great, but it's still worth it for the music and the scenery.
Pine Lake at Stern Grove
Feeding the ducks.
Proof that I'm wearing my new pants on my hike!
My new avatar.