Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Blogiversary!!!

It was exactly one year ago, on August 25th, 2009 that I returned to sewing garments and simultaneously started this blog. Rather than look back over the year on Dec 31st, when I'm really too busy sewing to take stock, I thought I would do that on my blogiversary.

Over the last year I've sewn clothing for myself. A lot of new clothes. But how would I summarize the last year, sewing-wise?


  • I have been developing a stable of TNT (Tried 'N True) patterns. Probably my favorite top is the Sewing Workshop Teagarden T, which I have made 4 or 5 times. My favorite pants are most anything
    by Marcy Tilton - I've made about 5 pair using three of her patterns. I also love the Sewing Workshop Trio, which I have made twice, but I often migrate the crotch curve from the Trio to other patterns. My favorite skirt is probably the Sandra Betzina skirt I have now made about 5 times.

    Teagarden T with Trio pants.

    Marcy Tilton pants - Vogue 8397, view A. The top is another Teagarden T.

    Sandra Betzina skirt - Vogue 1018 (recently OOP)

  • I have dusted off my drafting skills.

  • I've gotten better at figuring out what flatters my body. This is from early in the year:

    Quel Tragique! Funky and Frumpy!

  • I've also gotten better at modeling/composing a photo. (Though it still may be the hardest part of the entire sewing process... :) ) These are also from early in the year:

    <cringe> I so hope these tops look better in person! ;)

  • I have built a stash. (Uh oh.)
  • I've had fun with the French Au Bonheur patterns! (In fact, last night I translated another pattern that you may be seeing soon.)

  • I've played with new techniques.

  • I've written 124 blog posts (this one makes 125).
  • I now have 130 of the greatest blog followers ever. Thanks to each of you for reading and giving me feedback. I really appreciate all of you!

So, what's planned for next year? Well...

  • More jackets and coats!
  • More tops! With my figure, good tops are a particular challenge.
  • More pattern drafting.
  • More new techniques. I have some ideas, including one that uses Texture Magic.
  • Jeans! (I have to really buckle down!)
  • More wonderful funkiness, but it has to be funkiness that flatters my figure. :)

Yesterday, I took my teen aged daughters to the beauty college for back-to-school haircuts/coloring. I got one too, just in time for Self-Stitched-September. Cuts for three and hair coloring for one came to $130 - such a deal! (Especially since I had DD1 pay for her red tresses.)