Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Blogiversary!!!

It was exactly one year ago, on August 25th, 2009 that I returned to sewing garments and simultaneously started this blog. Rather than look back over the year on Dec 31st, when I'm really too busy sewing to take stock, I thought I would do that on my blogiversary.

Over the last year I've sewn clothing for myself. A lot of new clothes. But how would I summarize the last year, sewing-wise?


  • I have been developing a stable of TNT (Tried 'N True) patterns. Probably my favorite top is the Sewing Workshop Teagarden T, which I have made 4 or 5 times. My favorite pants are most anything
    by Marcy Tilton - I've made about 5 pair using three of her patterns. I also love the Sewing Workshop Trio, which I have made twice, but I often migrate the crotch curve from the Trio to other patterns. My favorite skirt is probably the Sandra Betzina skirt I have now made about 5 times.

    Teagarden T with Trio pants.

    Marcy Tilton pants - Vogue 8397, view A. The top is another Teagarden T.

    Sandra Betzina skirt - Vogue 1018 (recently OOP)

  • I have dusted off my drafting skills.

  • I've gotten better at figuring out what flatters my body. This is from early in the year:

    Quel Tragique! Funky and Frumpy!

  • I've also gotten better at modeling/composing a photo. (Though it still may be the hardest part of the entire sewing process... :) ) These are also from early in the year:

    <cringe> I so hope these tops look better in person! ;)

  • I have built a stash. (Uh oh.)
  • I've had fun with the French Au Bonheur patterns! (In fact, last night I translated another pattern that you may be seeing soon.)

  • I've played with new techniques.

  • I've written 124 blog posts (this one makes 125).
  • I now have 130 of the greatest blog followers ever. Thanks to each of you for reading and giving me feedback. I really appreciate all of you!

So, what's planned for next year? Well...

  • More jackets and coats!
  • More tops! With my figure, good tops are a particular challenge.
  • More pattern drafting.
  • More new techniques. I have some ideas, including one that uses Texture Magic.
  • Jeans! (I have to really buckle down!)
  • More wonderful funkiness, but it has to be funkiness that flatters my figure. :)

Yesterday, I took my teen aged daughters to the beauty college for back-to-school haircuts/coloring. I got one too, just in time for Self-Stitched-September. Cuts for three and hair coloring for one came to $130 - such a deal! (Especially since I had DD1 pay for her red tresses.)


  1. Happy 1st Blogaversary!!! You have had a productive year and I like seeing your techniques that you are trying. Look forward to seeing what you do with Texture Magic. I bought some of that and have done nothing with it.

  2. Happy blogversary Shams! Looking good! Can't wait to follow your self stitched September!

  3. Thanks for posting your sewing adventures. It is always fun to see what you are coming up with!

    You look great. The haircut is very complimentary!

  4. Shams, Happy blogversary and best wishes for a wonderful 2nd year of sewing and blogging. I need to tell you that you have been VERY present in my sewing room lately as I make up 3 pairs of Marcy Tilton pants. V8397 View B 2x and View A once. They are awesome as are yours!

    Your new 'do is very flattering.

  5. Wow, Shams, you have really accomplished a great deal in the past year you've been blogging. I love reading your blog, and you've continued to be so inspiring to me with your creative and innovative sewing. Congratulations!! And you do, indeed, look really spiffy with your new hairdo!

  6. Congrats on your blogiversary! I'm going to have to try the tea garden shirt and those pants!

  7. Your blog is the most inspiring thing I read...I can't wait to see what wonderfully offbeat item you've made. Thanks for writing my favorite blog!

  8. Happy Blogiversarry! You are an inspiring read and I look forward to each of your new posts! Thank YOU for sharing!

  9. Happy 1st Blogiversary! It's great to come here and see a different type of inspires and intrigues me. I also really love your headshot at the end!

  10. Happy blogaversary! I like the new haircut, very flattering!

  11. Love the new 'do. Love your blog! You are my style guru, Shams! I love how you think about sewing and fabric and putting clothes together.
    I am now hooked on Au Bonheur des Petites Mains patterns. Thanks for that!


  12. Happy blogiversary! I'm really looking forward to seeing what the new year brings!

    (Is it just me, or does this time of year always feel like the 'real' new year?)

  13. What a productive year you've had! Love seeing all the wonderful things you create! Happy blogiversary!

  14. Congratulations. I love to see what you are posting, in fact, after I saw the Sandra Betzina skirt made up in plaid with your clever plaid placement across the front ruffle, I snatched up a copy from EBay. I am also planning a trip to Cañada College to the Artistry in Fashion exhibit on September 25th - I live in Southern California.
    I'm also so envious of the wonderful fabrics you find - perhaps you can let us in on some of the places you shop?

  15. I forgot to say - I'm fluent in French if you ever need any help with the pattern translations

  16. Wow, thanks, everyone! I am really overwhelmed!!! When I saw "15 comments" this morning, I thought, "There must be some mistake... One of those Chinese Viagra spammers, perhaps." :)

    I appreciate the thumbs up on the hair, but remember that this was salon fresh. I am *very* hair challenged, so it won't look this good when I am styling it.

    Dorothy, I could have used your French a couple days ago. I was very confused as to why Au Bonheurs use both la fourche and l'entrejambe in the pattern I was translating. I gather they both mean crotch (as in the crotch seam) and the instructions said "Fermer la fourche. Fermer l'entrejambe", just exactly like that. :)

    If any of you sees me at Artistry in Fashion on Sept 25th, please say "hi!" For more info:

    You guys really are the best!

  17. By the way, Dorothy, I do generally disclose where I get my fabrics. Locally, I buy most of it at Fabrix, though their selection is VERY hit and miss. They may have some *fabulous* things, or they may have nothing. You just never know and it does seem like it's been awhile since I was overwhelmed by all the great fabrics there, but I often find a piece or two.

    In Southern Cal, I really like The Spirit of Cloth in San Diego. In fact, that reminds me I need to call and order a couple of pieces from Sally. I have never had the chance to check out the LA Garment district, but I'm sure that would get my juices flowing!

    Online, I mostly patronize FabricMart, Marcy Tilton, and EmmaOneSock. I am always open to learning about great new sites.

  18. Ooooohhh! Oooohh! I know the answer to the "Fermer la fourche. Fermer l'entrejambe" question! Pick me! :)

    Fourche is the 'bellybutton to bum' seam, and entrejambe is the 'thigh to thigh' seam (literally between the legs).

  19. OHHHHHHH!!!! Thanks so much, birdmommy! I will update my French sewing glossary accordingly!

  20. My gosh, you've made some beautiful garments!! I particularly love the blue/green skirt, the red fringed trim jacket and the grey/grey camo skirt, just stunning!

  21. Happy 'blogiversary, Shams. Your blogging and sewing certainly have brightened the past year for me! Keep up the great work and the delightful 'blogging.

  22. Happy Blog anniversary. Your blog is such an inspiration. keep up the good work.

  23. Happy Blogiversary to you shams! What a productive year it has been. Keep up the great work! (love the hair cut, too :)

  24. WOW - what a wonderful year you've had!

    so glad I found your blog - I look foward to what you'll do next. good luck!


  25. Hi, me again (I commented above too) thanks for your comment! In answer to your question, my corduroy jeans are a cut corduroy, I think. I've never heard of an uncut corduroy, so I can't be sure if this is what you mean... it is a very fine whale corduroy, but is still "fuzzy"...

  26. Happy Blogoversary! Your journey is quite amazing. I love your funky styling and it looks so good on you. Keep up the good work.

  27. I am so in love iwth those Marcy Tilton pants. Must. Make. Immediately.