Monday, September 9, 2013

It's a Contest!

More than a week ago I tentatively entered a sewing contest. I entered the FabricMart Fabricista Fashion Challenge. I did not know if I would be selected, so I kept mum about it.

I just learned that I am one of the ten sewists selected to compete.

This could be a little intense, especially given my work schedule.

They chose the following picture (off my blog) for their post. It was taken before my weight loss.

I assume they chose this picture because it uses a gorgeous Armani fabric that I purchased from FabricMart.

But this project features two gorgeous coatings from FM:

And this is a wool I also bought from them:

And I think I like either of those selfies a bit better. lol. (If you are new to the term "selfie", it is a picture of oneself.)

The first challenge, which begins today (though it will have to begin after work for me), is the following:

First Challenge: Recycled Challenge

You have one week to complete this challenge.

The challenge: Make a garment out of recycled materials or materials that would have otherwise been thrown away, such as scraps from your sewing room or grocery bags. You can reconstruct a garment to make it more fashion forward and utilize unconventional items to add accessories and embellishments. Be creative!

This challenge will be judged first by the Fabricistas on creativity, functionality, personality, and fit.

Then our readers will get a chance to vote for their favorite design.

This is particularly ironic, as just yesterday I was reading Marcy Tilton's blog post about the fall cleanup of her studio. I asked her, in the comments, what she does with scraps, as I could be buried alive under mine. (And I just now see that she answered me!) I am too embarrassed to even take a picture of my scrap stash, but it consists of many bags under my kitchen table.

And then some.

So this challenge is quite exciting, as I first get to do some excavating. I hope it doesn't trigger any allergies. :)

By the way, I am very excited that my friend, Peggy, is also participating in this challenge. I admire her work and her free spirited style. We met through my blog (I don't believe that she was blogging at the time) a couple years ago and then she invited me out to Pennsylvania for a road trip. Our entire itinerary was planned around a pilgrimage to Fabric Mart! (I also extended invitations to Carolyn and Noile, which is how we met in person! All four of us had so much fun shopping at FabricMart.)

How fitting. :)

So stay tuned. I will be posting the projects I make for this competition. When it's time to vote, I hope you participate!