Saturday, September 28, 2013

Next Challenge and Artistry in Fashion Mini Report!

Thanks SO much for your votes on challenge #2! I have made it to the third round in the FabricMart Fabricista Fashion Challenge.

The third challenge has been announced! For this one, each of us was sent a different bundle of three fabrics, totaling approximately 6 yards. We are to make a "two piece garment" using all three fabrics. Here are the instructions we received:

Using the 6 yard Bundle we have sent you, make a 2 piece garment. What is in the bundle is a mystery and everyone will receive something different. Try to incorporate the three fabrics in some way. You can use fabric from your stash to finish your look, but keep in mind that the bundle fabric must make up a majority of your outfit. You will be judged on creativity, craftsmanship, the way you use your fabrics together, and fit.

I received the following three fabrics (clicking the pic takes you to the link on the FabricMart site):

  • Gray plaid flannel, 2.5 yards.
  • Black poly/cotton ponte, 2 yards (though it was actually more).
  • Navy soft cotton print with tennis rackets, 1.5 yards.

I have been sewing like mad since Tuesday evening. (I was too tired Monday evening and needed some time to think about it.) I got far enough along today that I decided I would allow myself to attend Artistry in Fashion for a couple of hours.

I am so glad that I went. It was lots of fun! I saw many folks I know and met new folks. Pictures were taken, but not with my phone. Some of the pics are in Marcy Tilton's camera and she said she'd send some along, so stay tuned.

By the way, have you seen that Kathryn Brenne is now writing articles for Emma One Sock? She has two up so far, and these are full of great information. In fact, when I saw the pics of Kathryn in the ponte article, I noticed that she's wearing Trippens, and I thought, she's cool! She's also written some great material. Check it out!

I have one garment completed for the challenge and am about to start #2. Wish me luck. Off to sew!