Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Vogues are Released

The spring Vogue patterns hit yesterday and I hustled over to take a quick peek. The Koos dress (above) has some interesting embellishment, but the muumuu shape would not work on this figure.

I was disappointed that there were no new Marcy Tilton patterns, but moving on. (Boy, what would I do if Katherine and Marcy stopped creating patterns?!?! Perish the thought!)

I have a short shopping list, and wrote this post, thanks to some serious insomnia.

Vogue 9004
I love this top! A must-have. It reminds me, a bit, of one of my favorite Au Bonheur top patterns.
Vogue 1403
Another excellent Koos bag. This has such an unusual shape and provides a great opportunity for fabric collaging. (Though I must admit, I find myself wishing that this bag could hold a laptop, but I see that it can't due to the deep cutout for the handles.)

Vogue 8995
This spring collection has So.Many.Dresses! (As in, more separates, please!) This is one of the few I would consider making. It is similar to the McCalls studded dress that I made, but different enough to purchase.

Vogue 1396
The only other dress pattern I'd consider buying. This Donna Karan pattern intrigues me. I would make a number of changes to make it work on my body (such as narrowing the boat neck and adding sleeves), but I think it has potential.

Vogue 8991
Wow, do I love the sleeves on this Claire Schaeffer jacket! I could get a lot of wear out of a jacket like this, though I wouldn't put the pockets high up like that. With my generous bust, it would look like my boobs were having a slumber party.

Vogue 9013
I am considering this jacket/skirt pattern. Ironically, on my todo list is to draft myself a flippy-gore skirt pattern. I probably still will, as it's so easy to do. The jacket is interesting. I wish I could see it sewn up, as I wonder if the neckline might be so wide as to expose bra straps, but it has potential. I'd lengthen the jacket a bit. I probably won't buy this one right away. I wouldn't wear the jacket with the skirt, by the way - it would be too formal for my job. And, yes, I'm a bit dubious about the neckline.

Vogue 9006
This cowl neck top is another one I wish I could see made up. A cowl neck can be very tricky on a busty figure. The cowl looks best when it doesn't hang too low, placing too much fabric on the bust. And, of course, you don't want it exposing too much, but this one is drawn to suggest that it might be ok. And, look at the back of the neckline - it is constructed similar to a shawl collar where the front cowl extends to CB - this is a very promising detail. (By the way, the back of View A shows back darts into the neck extension and the neck extension is wider than what is shown on view B. I would favor the construction of view A, but made with the sleeves of View B.)
I also like the princess seaming on View A. Views B and C are cut on the bias and, I suspect, that the center panel on View A is cut on the bias. This makes for a nice drape in the cowl.
Yes, this pattern looks very promising!
I have been noticing that gathered sleeves are coming back and the long sleeved version shows this detail. I am definitely long past wearing a gathered sleeve, so I would just lengthen the short sleeved view. It's nice that there are options.

Vogue 9002
While I like the seaming of this top, I am not a fan of flutter sleeves, so I am on the fence about this one. It would have been nice if another sleeve option were provided. This is another pattern where it would be nice to see it sewn up, as I suspect I'd have to narrow the boat neck.

So, what about you? Any patterns you love that didn't make my list? (I realize that my list is skewed to my body type.)