Friday, September 24, 2010

More Fall Vogues are Out!

A new batch of Fall Vogues were released today. Like many sewists, I love fall clothing and this batch does not disappoint. Here are some of my favorites (and a few "almost there"s) from the new lineup.

Vogue 8693

I just love love this jacket from Marcy Tilton. Of course, it will look best when worn with a narrow legged pant, but I don't mind whipping up a pair or two. Because of the location of the princess seam, an FBA might be a little tricky - I won't know until I can try on the tissue paper. I love the shawl collar and the funky hem!

Vogue 8691

A cute top from Katherine Tilton, Marcy's sister. This one has princess seams, which are perfect for absorbing an FBA. This will also look great with a narrower pant.

Vogue 1216

A new coat from Lynn Mizono. I really respect Mizono's designs. This coat, for example, has very interesting design lines. Unfortunately, I am not sure how flattering it would be on me, because I have recently been forced to admit that oversized tops/jackets don't do me any huge favors, but I really love the lines on this one. Maybe one of my friends will make it and let me try it on. <hint hint> :)

Vogue 1213

Omigosh, I love this Koos coat! So interesting! And it has princess seams, so I think I could even make this one work. I have other coat patterns higher in the pecking order, but I do like this one.

Vogue 8690

Another pattern by Katherine Tilton. This pattern is very much like the Sewing Workshop Liberty top, especially with the Heather modification I posted recently, but many people will find it more affordable to buy the Vogue version, if you don't mind dropped sleeves. It's a great design!!

Vogue 1212

This new Sandra Betzina coat is really beautiful but it's not for me. At least I don't think so, with the design emphasis on the under bust seam. But it has interesting lines and would look fabulous on the right figure.

Vogue 1210

I like the asymmetric hem on this Sandra Betzina dress but, again, on me, it would be cringeworthy with the bust detailing. On the right figure, it would be flattering, flowing, and easy to wear.

Vogue 8704

Another new pattern from Lynn Mizono. I need one of these hats this winter.

Vogue 8700

So often I find that the Vogue Women patterns seem a bit "off." Take this pattern, for example. The side drape is so extreme that it feels unbalanced, but not in a good way, especially with the buttoned up neckline. The cropped version is better but still doesn't excite me.

Vogue 8703

Another fun accessories pattern from Marcy Tilton. This one features fingerless gloves and scarves. Two of the scarves have pockets. :)

Vogue 1211

This Guy Laroche jacket intrigues me. I like that it's asymmetric. I like that there is shoulder interest. I like the armscye and the pleats on the sleeve head. I like the hem. But, I don't know... there is almost too much shoulder interest, at least on the left side. I have to mull this one over for awhile. I definitely wouldn't use a shiny fabric if I did make it for myself. :)