Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Reveal! Weird Metal Thingies in Action


Weird Metal Thingies

It's done!

I decided to use the weird metal thingies in a cowl. I wanted to let them hang freely through grommets. I drafted a simple, shaped cowl, and used a textured knit from EOS. Installing the 100 grommets took some time and all that hammering is a bit hard on the back, so I split it up over several sessions.

I told you it was weird. :)

This cowl has a nice drape and makes a satisfying rattle when I take it off.

I wore it to work yesterday and no one seemed too surprised, so maybe it's not that weird.

Knitted Hat

Over the holidays, I knit a rather disappointing hat for DD2, who is attending university in Minnesota.

She loved it.

She texted me a week or so ago and informed me, with much sadness, that it had gotten wet from the rain and snow and was felting.

I replied that water will not, by itself, cause wool to felt. That it also needed agitation.

She replied that she may, or may not, have been playing in the snow.

Making snow angels, one assumes.

I asked her what color she would like in a replacement hat. She wanted grey but wasn't able to tell me what style of hat.

So I made an executive decision. I told her not to worry, she will love it.

I bought a pattern off Etsy with lots of cables.

I just love cables.

I bought a Malabrigo yarn which is a super wash wool, so it will never felt, no matter how much she frolics in the snow.

I cast on Saturday and finished Sunday, during the Oscars. It was a fun knit.

And I've started a second one for me.

You can read more on Ravelry.

Puyallup Sew Expo

It seems like it's been months in the planning, but it's finally here! Puyallup Sew Expo starts on Thursday and runs through Sunday.

I'm (over) packed and ready to go. I've heard from a LOT of people who will be there: both new and old friends that I look forward to meeting up with. I'm taking classes from Diane Ericson, Linda Lee, Louise Cutting, and Peggy Sagers.

It should be interesting!

I've been on Instagram for years, but have never once posted a picture there. I mostly follow DD1 but, even then, I've only logged on a few times. However, I will try to post some pics while in Puyallup.

My handle is sfshaza and I currently have one follower. I just posted my first test pic, to make sure I knew what I was doing.

I'll give Instagram a shot. Not sure it's up my alley, but I'll try. :)

Have a great weekend!