Thursday, November 10, 2016

Paris Update, Part 4


Palais Royal

Paris is so full of beautiful squares, parks, museums, churches. Sheesh, everywhere you look! We visited the Palais Royal and photo fun ensued.

Thanks to Katherine Tilton for these pics!

I am nothing if not consistent

I was observing that I could see my reflection in the balls...

...when Margy took this!

Window Licking, part 4

I try to photograph lots of window displays because they are so fun to look at!

A gold leather moto jacket! I've been seeing lots of moto jackets in unusual fabrications.

Alexander Wang yumminess

Chanel yumminess. More Chanel below

I covet these

OK, here's the end of the Chanel!

This is not my style, but I loooooove it!

I think this was Hermes

I'm seeing lots of large plaid coats

More Pics, part 4

I love this pic I took of Diane Egelston absorbing the sun's rays. Only later did I notice Margy, in the background, also zenning out!

From the window of a taxi I caught this couple taking a selfie with the Eiffel Tower

Sacre Coeur on a rainy day

A light fixture made from silk cocoons

A feather wig. Just the thing if my hair continues to thin!

A Metro entrance

Robin trying on a fetching feather boa

Linda wearing a new hat that perfectly matches her Mycra Pac coat!

Jill and Linda, hat sisters!

Dorothy and Jill shopping for fabric

The heart of the Chanel empire

I am holding a painted skin (I didn't buy it) and Ruth is holding an appliqued leather (she did)

More gorgeous cloud formations

I bought the green feather flower on the left

We came upon a store window where Kevin Lyons, author of the Little Men and Little Miss books, was painting. My kids loved these books as children! (Maybe you haven't heard of them but they are huge in the U.K. My mother-in-law is English, so several extended family members gave these to my kids.)