Saturday, August 10, 2013

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

When it comes to designing clothing, there are two basic approaches.

Pattern drafters work in two-dimensional space, on flat paper. This method for creating patterns uses simple math and requires some visualization skills to map from 2D paper to a 3D body. This approach is right up my alley. I have an engineering mind. I love math and am very comfortable in 2D space. In middle school, I even took (regular) engineering drafting classes, where I was one of two girls in a sea of boys.

Then there is the more sculptural approach of draping. In this approach, you drape fabric on a dress form or (if you are lucky) a person. To me, this is the sexy side of garment design. You can achieve effects in draping that would be impossible to figure out by pure pattern drafting alone. And, of course, as the rectangular shaped girl who longed for the Audrey Hepburn waist, and the girl with thin, plain "dishwater brown" hair that wanted long luscious red or black locks, I have always loved the idea of draping and wished that I had that sort of artistic mind. Back when I was taking classes at Cañada College, I took a full year of pattern drafting, but they didn't offer draping. (They do now!)

I have done some very limited draping on my body. For example, when I made my wedding dress, I draped parts of the bodice. Every time I fit a bust dart on my body, that is a form of draping. But it would be soooo much fun to do some real draping. (Of course, to do that I would need a dress form in my shape, but that's another matter.)

Anyway, Laurence King Publishing informed me about a new draping book that will be published in a few weeks. The book, Draping, by Karolyn Kiisel, looks intriguing. (And Laurence King certainly publishes some very impressive titles.) No one has offered me a free copy, but I have ordered one from Amazon. And I have signed up for a one-night class at Apparel Arts (and hosted by Britex) where Karolyn Kiisel shows how to draft an Audrey Hepburn dress. (I paid for that, too.)

I'm mentioning it in case any local peeps want to join me. The cost is $25, which seems fairly reasonable for the one-night event on September 19th. The following pic is clickable and takes you to the book on Amazon.

Artistry in Fashion

And, don't forget, Artistry in Fashion is coming on September 28th! I had to miss it last year so I am really ready to go. (That link takes you to a page where you can print out a $1 coupon against admission, though I don't mind paying full price because it's a reasonable $10 and it benefits their scholarship fund.) The guest speaker is Sandra Ericson of the Center for Pattern Design. They have been posting pictures from some of the vendors on their Facebook page and I can't wait!


Last night I met up with BadMomGoodMom and Jilly Be for some vittles and tea in Hayes Valley (near downtown SF). (BadMomGoodMom already blogged about it.) Lots of good conversation ensued and I even met BadDad, who met up with us for a second round of dinner. BadMomGoodMom, a theoretical physicist who doesn't care for one of JillyBe's and my favorite TV shows, The Big Bang Theory, wanted us to make sure to mention that not ALL theoretical physicists are nerdy geeks and can, in fact, be pretty sexy. Point taken, though I personally am pretty geeky and relate to geeky types. ;)

I am trying to do some sewing this weekend, but I will be taking some time off today to shop with DD1. Originally my kids wanted to go to Golden Gate Park today to ride the surrey bicycles, but this is the weekend of the Outside Lands festival, one of the biggest musical events in the country. I am staying far far away from that part of town!

I hope you have a good one!