Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spring Vogues Have Landed

The spring 2013 Vogue patterns came out today. I was hard at work so I didn't notice them until rather late in the day. I was a bit underwhelmed. I didn't see any that would flatter my shape and/or work with my life. (Both Sandra and Marcy have new dress patterns, but I really don't wear dresses.) Go take a look and tell me what you think. There is a rather cool purse pattern, if you can find the right fabric for it.

Thanks for all of the comments on my weekend post. I ended up working on a purse Saturday, my daughter's jacket on Sunday, and a pair of pants on Monday. I finished the pants but haven't taken pics yet.

I currently have the most steam with my daughter's jacket. She wanted a plaid jacket. Have you noticed how "in" plaid is right now? Plaid is everywhere. Just go to Pinterest and enter "plaid" or "plaid jacket" or "plaid skirt" or "plaid" whatever. Plaid galore.

I couldn't find the perfect plaid for DD1, but I found a plaid she could live with. Want to bet that next fall there will be loads of wonderful plaid fabrics available to sewists? Isn't that the way? :)

Anyway, I am happy with the progress on her jacket. I have included a pic of the pockets. Hopefully I will have a more substantive post in the next day or two, if I can get pics taken of my new pants.