Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2004


2010 - This year's decorations

Here is another little blast from the past. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, so I really ran with it when the kids were little. :)

2004 - DD1 is a Christmas Tree!

In 2004, I made DD1 a Christmas Tree costume. I got the idea from one of those Halloween Magazines that are available that time of year – I can't remember which magazine.

I went further with the idea, though. For example, I found (on ebay) two sets of star-shaped Christmas tree lights that operated on a battery pack and had 8 flashing modes. They are strung around the costume, under the netting (my friend Renee helped with this and with the other tree decorations). The battery packs are hidden in pockets on the underside. As she was trick or treating, she was flashing up a storm.

The candy canes are real. I made her (non-functional) Christmas tree light earrings. I made the star topper using lots of glitter and two thicknesses of the card stock - the tip of the tree is sandwiched in between and held with lots of sticky tape. The bottom of the costume is supported by a small hula hoop. She is also ornamented with real jingle bells, so she provided an auditory and visual experience. She designed the giant stocking-shaped goody bag. It has straps (so it can be worn), which were tucked in for the photos below. She has fewer decorations on her back, so I told her she was designed to be placed against a wall. ;)

2004 - DD2 is an "Elvish Avenger"

DD2 wanted to be a warrior, in particular an "Elvish Avenger". For her costume I made the pants, tunic, cape, quiver, knife sheath, dagger sheath, and (not shown) the goody bag that she designed.

More pictures. :)

The Elf chops down a tree!

When I was taking these photos, which was on Halloween or maybe the day before, I grabbed an Santa hat from the Christmas decorations, wrapped an empty gift, and had DD2 dress in holiday colors. I then took some photos to use for our Christmas card. I just couldn't pass up this opportunity. :) It was probably the last year I made a photo Christmas card and it was certainly the earliest I had been prepared!

Our 2004 Christmas Card!

On the sewing front, I am making progress very slowly! But I hope to get some done today. :)