Saturday, February 8, 2014

Status Report & News

One beaudacious babe hanging out at the Grand Wailea Resort in Maui
(I told her to give me a call if she needs an FBA.)

Sunset on Maui after a rainstorm

Shams, skip the gab and get to the gossip!


I miss you guys!

I hope to have some sewing to show soon. Nothing as awe inspiring and dramatic as Margy's studded jacket, of course. But something.

(By the way, Margy used the same fabric that I used for my vintage dress and Jillian used for her Balenciaga Bolero jacket. Also, when Sandra Betzina wandered into the fabric store one day while I was shopping, I pointed the same fabric out to her and she bought some for pants she was making up for an upcoming Vogue pattern. And, no, this fabric is no longer available.)

I did go on a quick team building trip to Maui a week ago. It was a great trip. My (mostly) self made clothing worked out well, given that I had to cobble a wardrobe together in short order, and that I own very little in the way of warm weather clothing.

I particularly enjoyed my Style Arc Alexi (harem) pants. (Selfie taken in the shiny elevator door near my room.)

Hibiscus henna tattoo against the Alexi pants

A colleague caught us taking selfies on the snorkeling cruise - we are on a 54-foot catamaran headed to Molokini. (The swimsuit and goggles worked out well.)

Resulting selfie

I also used my poly chiffon Burda top as a coverup

Do you need any more proof of my uber-bustiness?
Hawaiian Islands, indeed.
Aprés Snorkel

We lost count of the many humpback whales we saw, but it was many.

Friends and colleagues, Kathy and Mary, and both superb tech writers

At the top of Haleakela

Not much to see but fog...

We also rode bikes down Haleakela. I highly recommend riding a bike down Haleakela. It is quite chilly at the top of Haleakela. And foggy. It was about 30ºF. For that we dressed in layers.

On the way up Haleakela and snuggly warm in my Sewing Workshop Cowl Sweatshirt and Flannel Lined Style Arc Cassie pants (One of my favorite pair of pants and definitely one of my favorite pants patterns!)

At rides end

I wore the maxi dress that I made, along with the tie top, to dinner and it worked out well.


A couple things I wanted to mention:

First, if you follow the comments on my Open Letter to Vogue blog post you have seen that Vogue reached out to me last week regarding my post. I was very impressed and will have something exciting to report in the near future. Stay tuned!

Also, I have heard some worrying news about a great fabric resource, Thai Silks in Los Altos. (Their retail business is Thai Silks and their wholesale business is Exotic Silks.) They recently laid off some long time employees and many are worried that they may close their doors. If you need any wonderful silk fabrics, please consider sending some business their way.

A few more Hawaii pics:

Le Fin(s)