Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dressform Ho!

For awhile I've been thinking it would be nice to have a dressform, but if you have a more mature figure, like I do, it can be very depressing to look at dressforms, like the Wolfs that were used back when I took construction and drafting classes. For example, most dress forms have a perky bustline. You can easily pad to create a bigger size, but it's almost impossible to lower a bustline. Not to mention the extreme cost involved for these forms ($700 - $1400).

I did some internet searching and discovered that there is an inexpensive form that works pretty well for folks like me, who have a lower bustline, the My Dritz Double Deluxe. It comes in small and medium sizes.

Debbie Cook did a very helpful review on Pattern Review. That review contains a link to her website where she shows how she padded it out.

I've ordered the medium from Amazon. I guess I have to donate one of my expensive bras for padding when it finally arrives. Sheesh, that's a hidden cost, cause those La Mystere bras aren't pocket change. :)

By the way, I wanted to thank Digs and Sherrill, who have both nominated me for blog awards. I don't really do the award thing, but I am very touched to be nominated. Thanks so much for the thought! :)