Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 4th Sewcation

Thanks to Carolyn for the "Sewcation" term. :) For me, this is a 3-day weekend with no obligations or diversions.

And the mojo fairy made a little visit.

It's been like a one-person retreat!

I haven't wanted to stop sewing this weekend to blog or take pictures, but I am taking a quick break this Sunday evening for a little update. Since Friday evening I have made:

  • A pair of pj bottoms.
  • A silk organza OOP Burda top.
  • A pair of Style Arc Linda pants.
  • A pair of Linen Tilton pants (Vogue 8499).
  • A Teagarden Tea from an Emma One Sock rayon/lycra knit.
  • Another pair of Loes Hinse Cruise pants - these were a wadder!

I think the wadder told me it was time to take a break. :) It earned the status of "wadder" because of the horrible fabric, not because of the pattern. When I bought the fabric, I was so entranced by its pattern and texture, that I neglected to notice the awful quality. It is that horrible cheap-o polyester that would be good for making pot scrubbers. I think I have enough fabric to make 500 pot scrubbers. At least I didn't waste my time making the circle pocket I had originally intended and only spent 30 minutes on the entire project.

I contacted Martha, the winner of the Marcy Tilton purse pattern giveaway and she is happy to have the pattern. I have prepared it for mailing, but not yet gotten to the post office. I hope to get it out next week, Martha!

One thing I wanted to mention in the bag post and then completely forgot is a wonderful book that I consulted when working on the project. The Bag Making Bible is a great resource. I read through various sections before starting the purse. I didn't use any of the techniques for this project, but there were good techniques, well documented. I look forward to using the book in future projects.

What Next?

I need to decide what to work on next. How to use the Monday holiday, my last free day? I have some fabrics I really want to sew up, but can't quite seem to settle on a pattern. (Don't you hate that?) I've been enjoying quick projects, using mostly tried and true, or simple, patterns, so maybe I should start a larger project, or tackle one of my UFOs. (I don't have too many, but there are a few.) But it has been so nice to work through some stash.

Well, for the remainder of my evening, I think I'll work on the other pair of pj bottoms that are cut out.

Happy 4th!! (If you celebrate, or Happy Monday, if not.)