Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Hi again!

I really want to thank you for your wonderfully supportive comments and emails!

I had been planning to take today off of work to go to Stone Mountain to purchase supplies for challenge #7, as I didn't have the right materials in stash. After learning that I was out of the competition, I decided to take the day off, anyway!

For one thing, I really needed a day off! I have been in this competition for nearly two months and it's been grueling, especially since I also work full time. Not only was I flagging, but it feels like everyone is starting to flag a bit, including the judges, and my blog readers!

So I decided to go ahead with my plans. Though I hadn't started the next challenge, I had figured out what I wanted to make. This challenge is much more up my alley than the last one. Margy kindly overnight'ed me the pattern I wanted to use - all I needed was the fabric.

I rarely purchase fabric for a specific project, so this was fun! It was also fun to be in Stone Mountain on Halloween, when all of the employees are dressed up and in high spirits.

I just returned from my outing. (It was my first time driving over the new Bay Bridge and it is beautiful!) My fabrics are in the wash. I do plan to make the garment for challenge #7, but it will be on my time!

I am positively vibrating with happiness and mojo.

I feel like I've been pardoned from prison! :D

Halloween 2013

Now, you may remember that my friend Sue helps with the costumes for her three adorable grandchildren. I blogged about them last year. Well, she and her daughter made two costumes again this year and I received permission to share the pics.

Eldest grandson is a piece of sushi!

Specifically, he is a piece of salmon, avocado, and tamago (grilled egg) sushi. (His favorite kind.) I know that duct tape and Styrofoam packing peanuts featured prominently in the construction of his costume, which is truly clever. (Sue's daughter, the mother of said children, is a school teacher, and she is clever indeed when it comes to this sort of thing):

Youngest grandson is the Man in the Yellow Hat. My friend Sue made the hat! (But, then, she is Hatmaker Extraordinaire!) His polka dots were also achieved with duct tape!

And, not to be left out, granddaughter was a cheerleader. Sue and I think that she has acting potential!

If you celebrate Halloween, I hope it's a fun one!

I'm out!

I just saw the post on the FM blog and I'm out!

It's actually a relief. :) I hadn't started this week's challenge yet, as I figured there was a good chance I would be out.

Congrats to Audrey - this week's winner!

And thanks to each of you for your (often enthusiastic) support!