Monday, July 4, 2011

Blogger Meetup - Meeting Ann Smith!

I have been wanting to meet Ann Smith, an amazing and prolific sewist, for a long time now.

I first became aware of Ann when I returned to sewing (two years ago) because of her excellent reviews on Pattern Review. She and I love many of the same patterns and her versions are wonderful - she has a special ability to match patterns to fabric and to style her outfits in wonderful ways. I also soon became aware of (blogless) Dorothy K on PR, thanks to her excellent reviews. I managed to meet Dorothy in person, and a more lovely person you can't imagine, but she's so chic and stylish too. She's only been sewing for five years, and I don't think she ever has to alter a pattern, but I forgive her totally. Well, mostly.

Dorothy and Ann are longtime friends so Dorothy arranged for us to shop together when Ann was in town a couple months ago. On the day we were scheduled to get together, I came down with the plague and they were forced to shop and eat without me. I would have been more upset had I not spent most of the day in a near-coma.

Dorothy arranged another get together recently and this time, it all came together. Meeting Ann was like meeting someone I already knew. The three of us had a great day together, all arranged by Dorothy - she even fed us an amazing meal, while sporting her cool Sewing Workshop Tamari Apron. (I really do forgive her.) Later, we made it to the sale at Thai Silks and did a bit of nearby snoop shopping

One of our big topics of conversation was the task of taking good photographs for pattern reviews. We all find it challenging and I shared that when I recently met my blogging friends back east, they went on for a considerable length of time at how I look better in person than in my photos. A colleague once told me that I don't even look the same as I do in my photos, but that I look good in my photos. Huh? Given that I work hard to take the best photos possible, I am not sure what to make of these comments. :)

But all in all, it was a perfect day.

There are no pictures of all three of us, because someone had to take the photos. I didn't even think to bring my camera, but luckily Ann had hers, no doubt planning to capture the shenanigans of her grandbabies. You know, I forgive her too. ;)

Ann is enjoying Dorothy's spread. Dorothy and husband grew most of the salad fixings.

Me and Dorothy