Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Poll is Open!

I entered my recent coat with needle felted polka dots into Pattern Reviews Winter Wear contest. I am not asking you to vote for me, but I am asking you to vote. The competition will be stiff, I think.

Vote Here

On other news: Marcy Tilton's free shipping sale began at midnight. All you have to do is to order your fabric online, and then, at the end, select Purchase Order (don't select Paypal). Then call them with your credit card info. It's done this way because paypal will add shipping automatically and, rather than disable that system, you just call and they can handle it manually. And you might get to talk to Marcy personally, when you call, which is always a treat. When I called at midnight, I got the answering machine, but you can leave your cc info there. The sale lasts 3 days and she doesn't do this very often.

I ordered some good stuff, but I left plenty for the rest of you. :)

Today is my last day of my sewcation. (I've been off work since the 23d.) I'm gonna sew like a madwoman, 'cause I'm working on jacket #2. I won't be able to finish it, but I hope to make major progress, though the muslin is not quite finished yet. I can see my alterations will work, though the final tweaking will be in the final garment.

I hate altering patterns that already have a dart. The pattern company always puts a too-small dart in the wrong place (both latitude and longitude) and it can be very tricky to enlarge it and to move it, especially if it's shaped or angled. I'm one of those rare busty gals that would prefer to do my own dart.


And THANKS for voting! :)