Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Big News (for me), Not so Big News (for you)

Hey, gang!

First, I want to ask you something.

Have you ever found an out of print (OOP) or vintage pattern for sale online, perhaps on Ebay or Etsy, that you really liked?

And maybe you visited it every so often.

But you didn't buy it, because it was too expensive, or the wrong size.

Or maybe both?

And maybe you kept visiting it?

For months and months?

And maybe, one day, you couldn't find it?

Because you didn't "like" it, or bookmark it, or put a "watch" on it.


And maybe it was so long since you visited the page, that your browser history was no help at all?

So you went through many searches and scrolled through dozens and dozens of pages, looking for it?

And you wondered if it went to a good home?

And then you wondered how you felt about that?

Did you have any regrets?

And then maybe, just maybe, you did find it. And it was still available?

Yeah, me neither. :)


You'd have to have a heart of stone not to appreciate that inseam pocket...

So, for the big-news (for me), but the not-so-big-news (for you)....

In a little over one week, I am starting a new job!

It has been an honor and a privilege to contribute to the advancement, in some small way, of the Java programming language, but it's time to move on. I am very excited about my new venture. I will be documenting a new-to-me language.

What is the name of this new language, you ask?

Well, it's called.... (WAIT FOR IT) ....


Seriously, how perfect is that?!?!?

I already envision making FBA jokes that, of course, my colleagues will not appreciate.

If you look at the wikipedia entry for the Dart programming language, you will know which company I am going to work for.

I am beyond psyched. I can't wait to tackle this new adventure!

It also means that I need a new work wardrobe.

Yes, dress is casual at work, but I will do my own thing.

I always do. :)

It also means that I will have less time to sew.

But that's ok. I'm not turning my back on sewing.

Or blogging.

I just may be a bit less prolific.

And life moves on.

I hope you can wish me luck!