Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Paris Update, Part 3


Musée de l'Orangerie and the Tuileries Garden

While the Musée de l'Orangerie (aka "the Orangerie") is known for its wonderful paintings by Renoir, Cezanne, Gaugin, Sisley, Picasso, Matisse, Modigliani, and Rosseau, it is perhaps most famous for two oval-shaped anterooms containing massive, curved pieces by Monet. He painted these works expressly for the museum late in life, when he was almost blind.

When we visited, the museum was also hosting a special exhibit, American Paintings in the 1930s. A fascinating collection of American art from the depression era but, unfortunately, photos were not allowed. If you have a chance, you should see it. It first appeared in Chicago earlier in 2016, and will be appearing in London in 2017.

Admiring Monet

The catalog for the special exhibit


The Tuileries Garden is near the Orangerie.

It was just starting to rain as we left the Orangerie. This kissing couple, "Le Baiser" by Rodin, didn't seem to mind.

Photo credit: Marcy Tilton

Musée Palais Galliera

The Musée Palais Galliera is a small museum that is currently hosting an eclectic exhibit of historical fashion, called Anatomy of a Collection, Part 1. This museum is only open when it has an exhibit and, sometime in February, Anatomy of a Collection, part 2, will open.

Photos were not allowed, but the exhibit included pieces from the era of Marie Antoinette, pieces from Schiaparelli, and a section dedicated to Sonia Rykiel. As I said, it was very eclectic—I could not detect a theme.

But it was interesting. The building and its setting are also quite beautiful.

Photo credit: Margy

Seine and the Eiffel Tower

I haven't gone up the Eiffel Tower. I'll save that (and the Louvre) for another trip.

But I have seen the Eiffel Tower. One late afternoon we spent some time admiring it's view. Another time we took an evening boat ride on the Seine when it was lightly raining. Magical.

And the Seine. The beautiful Seine.

The boat was quite empty on a rainy evening!

I had not heard about the Pont des Artes, or the "bridge of locks", but they are quite a sight

With Ruth and Margy.

You know I love my shadow pictures!


Window Licking, part 3

So much to look at in the Paris windows! And they change quite often. Sorry for the reflections.

Celestial boots

A Mohair sweater moto jacket

More Pics

Just look at Marcy's adorable glasses with one square lens and one round lens!

I love this picture that I took of Ruth, Marcy, and Katherine peering into a notions shop!

Wearing my Cole Haans in the rain. (I really enjoyed the rain!)

Getting dressed

The Seine

Margy and Ruth in the Marais

Street art in the Passy

Paris has absolutely gorgeous cloud formations!

Photo by Marcy

Ruth's new hat!

Making perfume

Eau de Shams

Button wall!
Photo credit: Margy

Shams and Ruth in the fabric district...

After a successful day of shopping.
Photo credit: Margy

A fabulous pic by Marcy

Oh la la!
One evening we went to see How to Become Parisian in One Hour, a one man show by Olivier Giraud. Here Olivier demonstrates his impression of a sexy French woman. I am trying to mimic, but I am clearly sexy-Parisian-woman-deficient

Paris Update, Part 2

Our tour with the Tiltons has begun and it's off to a great start! We are a compact group of 13. These pics cover only the first couple days of the Tilton tour. We enjoyed some of these adventures before the tour began.


Bon Marché

Jeanne, of 365 Dresses (and on Instagram), lives part of the year in Paris. She invited Margy and I to stop by one evening for wine and cheese. The next day she joined us for some shopping on the Left Bank and she also gave us a little tour of the famous Bon Marché department store.

Margy and Jeanne

A spectacular ceiling

Preparing for Christmas

Jeanne noticed a cute sweater vest

Thanks so much, Jeanne, for giving Margy and I a glimpse of some of your favorite shops on the Left Bank!

Arche Shoes

Though I love Arche footwear, I really wasn't looking to buy more boots when we walked into the Arche store on La Rue Dragon (one of 5 Arche locations in Paris).

But Jeanne pointed out some amazing teal and green boots and I was "in crisis!"

They didn't have my size in stock (41), but they could get them from another store by tomorrow morning

That meant I would have time to pick them up before our rendezvous with the Tiltons!

The folks at the Rue du Dragon store were wonderful! Their English is good. Too good as it was too easy to spend money!

Notre Dame Cathedral and the Seine

After a long day of exploring the Marais, Margy and I walked home via the Seine and Notre Dame cathedral.

Musée D'Orsay

We visited the Musée D'Orsay at night to see the amazing impressionist exhibit.

Even the gift shop is cool!

As well as the cafe

Window Licking

I continue to seek out interesting garments in window displays.

The scarf is part of the coat

I love this cashmere scarf but perhaps in a different color!

Beautiful seaming on this red leather jacket

A leather collar sits on top of a fur collar. (There are LOADS of furs here in Paris. Loads and loads.)

Seen in the window at Sonia Rykiel - an entire store for kids!

More Pics

More random pics, taken since Tilton tour began.

We meet up!

And we begin!

When I saw this statue, I imagined she was indicating where to place the sewing machine. ;)

Rental bicycles in Saint Sulpice

Margy and Ruth
Ruth is wearing a Fault Lines vest

Close-up of a Christian Lacroix dress

In Saint Sulpice square

The back of Ruth's gorgeous Koos coat

Margy's beautiful sweater