Friday, December 14, 2012

It's FUN to Make Holes!

I'm not big on process posts, but you have probably noticed that. By that I mean, I take you along as I work on the project, from pattern and fabric choice, through fitting, through the various stages of the project, until the unveiling at the end.

The idea of process posts makes me nervous. Maybe I have a commitment phobia (it's entirely possible) but I change my mind all.the.time. I change my mind about what I'm going to make, both the fabric and the pattern. I have Hamlet-like indecision. I change things constantly as I work. I do not have a full vision of the completed project - it changes as I go and I can be just as surprised as anyone.

Do you like process posts? Or can you take or leave them?

Having said that, here is sort of a process post. I have been working on a coat using stash materials. (For fiscal reasons I will be mostly sewing from stash for awhile. Given the depth of my stash, I have nothing to complain about!)

However, I was in Stone Mountain recently and I bought a couple toggle closures. I love me some good hardware and these were very cool. They feature metal clasps (they came in black, silver, or gold colored metal and I also saw them at Britex the other day).

They have leather pieces that you attach to the garment, as you would expect in a toggle closure. The leather is thick-ish and very stiff. I'm sure you could put it through a sewing machine, but I didn't want to. Given the curve of the leather piece, it would be a challenge to make it look nice on a standard sewing machine, even with buttonhole thread.

It was an opportunity to use some leather working tools I have been wanting to use for a long time. (I just love me some tools.) I used a wing divider to lightly score a guide line along the edge of the leather. I then used the smallest hole on a mini hole punch and a wooden mallet, on a cutting board, to punch holes into the leather.

Punching the holes is All of the aggressions, if you have any, just go away. I was sorry I didn't have more holes to punch, though my work table was littered with tiny little leather dots afterward.

I attached the leather to the coat using size 8 pearl cotton, purchased at Britex, and a large-eyed needle. I double sewed - each stitch has 2 threads.

Easy peasy!

This coat has some other interesting details that I've added, so maybe I'll do another post or two, if you like.

By the way, I want to give a shout out to a couple of really neat women I met recently! I was in Fabrix a week or so ago when a woman introduced herself as a follower of my blog. Well, we hit it off and I ended up goading her into buying (a lot) more fabric, then driving her to a UPS store to ship it home - she was visiting SF while her husband attended a conference. Then she treated me to lunch and we went to the Ribbonerie where she bought some beautiful ribbons. She also blamed me and Margy for her new Trippens. (Just call me The Enabler.) I really enjoyed meeting you and hanging for a bit, MaryAnne!

More recently I ran to the grocery store and a woman complemented me on my polka dot coat and unusual scarf. We struck up a conversation and are planning to get together for lunch. She's also a blogger who makes the most amazing mail art. (Yes, mail art! Beautifully collaged pieces! I did ask her to spell it, though, because for a moment I thought she was doing some sort of art on males.) It was nice to meet you, Pamela!