Friday, February 4, 2011

Janome FM 725 - How do I love Thee?!

Finally, she arrived! My felting machine arrived!

From Ohio, to Oakland, CA, back to Indiana and, finally, to San Francisco. The UPS man showed up on Wednesday, sometime after 7pm, but I was not up to opening the box, having spent hours in the dental chair earlier that day.

I finally fired her up on Thursday evening.


I am in love with this machine. I had some samples I had hand felted – I had felted these as thoroughly as possible, by hand. Within seconds under the needles on the machine, they were embedded into the fabric as if they had been manufactured that way.

I can now make progress on the jacket that was waiting for this machine. I may not finish it this weekend, though. I have been pulled into a fire at work this weekend and have four meetings scheduled (yup, two per day), plus whatever work needs to happen. I can sew in between, though.

Here's a peek at my current felting project.

Don't be sad, Felt Sample! This is FUN!

I hope you have a safe, warm, dry weekend, wherever you may be!