Saturday, May 5, 2012

Q&A - Sewing Everything

I love this plant and often stop to admire it when out walking.

Several posts ago, Robin left a comment asking if I sew all of my clothing. Then Carolyn wrote a post about this subject, sparked by Robin's comment on my post.

When I first returned to sewing almost three years ago, that was my goal. For awhile, I was sewing all of my own clothing.

Then I realized I was missing out on some good stuff!

I now enjoy mixing my sewn items with purchased items. The items I buy are often gently used, usually funky, and often something that would be difficult (if not impossible) to make. I check out funky boutiques, consignment stores, ebay, art festivals.

Take today, for example.

A boutique I like near Union Square, KatiKoos, featured some great Polish sweaters on their Facebook page. (They also have a newsletter you can subscribe to, but often the clothes she posts on Facebook sell out so fast they never make it to the newsletter.) I decided to take a quick visit this morning to check them out.

Uber Sweater Love

I also saw a great silk scarf.

Silk Scarf Love
(The rest of the clothing is mine.)

Unfortunately, both pieces were out of my clothing budget, so I left them behind. But these are the sorts of garment I keep my eye out for.

Do you sew all of your clothing?

This weekend I'm making a pair of pants. You might be happy to hear that I'm taking a break from the knit tops. :)