Thursday, August 2, 2012

Teagarden Twist - Front Zipper

My most used TnT (tried and true) pattern is Sewing Workshop's Teagarden T. I've made at least 13 of them, in different colors and patterns. It is my version of a t-shirt and perfect for my large-busted-but-small hipped figure. The reason this pattern works so well for my figure is that it uses underarm gussets. I love gussets. I wish more patterns used them. It's a great way to add bust room without bloating the rest of the pattern.

I've now started playing with the pattern – mixing it up. For this version, I used a doubleknit fabric from Marcy Tilton and I added a zipper at CF. Because this fabric is a fairly stable doubleknit, I added 1" to CF when I cut it out, for an increase of 2", in the front only. In fact, I placed the front of the pattern along the selvedge when cutting it out. The resulting top fits just right.

I finished this top a couple weeks ago, but it's been almost relentlessly foggy and cold, so I wasn't impelled to get outside and take pics. It's hard to believe that 30-40 miles away it's 90 plus degree weather, when here it's in the 50s and 60s. Micro-climates galore.

The zipper is a very nice one from Zprz that I purchased two years ago at PIQF.

At first I was planning to use one of my great striped zippers, and I auditioned it before I even cut out the top. I liked it and was prepared to use it.

But when I had the top to the point where I was ready to insert the zipper, I pinned in the striped one and took a mirror picture. I didn't like the effect. From a distance, the black and white stripe merged into grey and the result was bleh.

The striped zipper is pinned to the top, and I left a lot of the tape showing. After seeing the photo, I decided to use a black zipper and to leave less of the tape showing. (Note to self, clean bathroom mirror.)
Oops, I didn't notice that the top is a bit skewed on the hangar, as evidenced by the crooked CB seam.
Closeup of the great zipper.
No comment.

Oh, I will mention that these pictures are the first I've taken since receiving some new bras. It feels like I'm wearing a vise, so it must be working. ;)