Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 'O Fun - Yeah, it's Sewing Related :)

Today is a good friend's birthday (Happy Birthday, Renee!!!) so I took a few hours off work so the two of us could attend the San Francisco Bead and Design Show near the city's shopping district. Besides beads and jewelry (and the occasional button or purse handle...) there are a few designers at this show. One who produces nuno felted pieces, another who produces beautiful handwoven pieces, another who produces garments from a variety of fabrications, and the like. There is a designer we like and she has a booth at this show.

I was wearing my top with Marcy Tilton neckline and my Au Bonheurs pants and I wasn't in her booth for 15 seconds before the designer complimented the pants and asked, "Whose pants are those?" I resisted the immature response, "Mine", and told her about Au Bonheurs patterns and she asked me to write the name down. I think I've made another fan of those patterns. :)

I was very restrained and bought only a necklace at the show, but my friend found several beautiful pieces and, she deserved them. :) The show runs through Sunday so, if you are in the Bay Area, it costs only $10 for the 3-day run.

Shams says check it out. :)